In this guide, you will learn how to replace the processor in the Dell Inspiron M5030. To remove, clean off, and replace the thermal paste in order to remove the heat sink, please refer to the Applying Thermal Paste Guide.

Remove the fourteen 7/16" screws from the bottom of the laptop using a #0 Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Remove the fourteen 7/16" screws from the bottom of the laptop using a #0 Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Remove the two 5/16" screws from the bottom of the laptop using a #0 Phillips head screwdriver.

If you are removing only the keyboard, you only need to remove two screws.

1 - Remove the screw to the immediate right of the INSPIRON M5030 label.

2 - To the top left of the INSPIRON M5030 label, there are two screws. Remove the left one.


I marked the two screw locations with green, for clarification.



Robert Johnson - Reply

Turn the laptop over and open the lid.
  • Turn the laptop over and open the lid.

  • Locate the three tabs just above the top row of keys on the keyboard (above the F1, F6, and PrntScr keys).

  • Push the leftmost tab down with the plastic opening tool, while lifting the left side of the keyboard with your other hand.

  • Continue lifting the left side of the keyboard, push the other two tabs down, moving from left to right. This should loosen the keyboard.

for your last bullet, maybe clarify saying "push the next to tabs with the plastic opening tool…"

Katie Pepi - Reply

  • Once the top edge of the keyboard is loose, gently pull up on the keyboard.

  • Do not pull the keyboard forcefully; it is still attached to the laptop by a ribbon

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  • Locate the ribbon connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. Find the blue end connected to the motherboard.

  • Lift up the black flap on the connector and gently pull the ribbon away from the connector parallel to the motherboard.

  • Lift the keyboard up and off of the motherboard, detaching the blue end of the ribbon from the connector.

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  • Disconnect the blue tab located just above the touch pad of the laptop.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to pry up the plastic covering of the laptop by wedging it underneath one side of the covering and lifting up.

  • Do not to lift off the cover all the way; it is still connected by two wires on the side nearest to the screen.

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  • Disconnect the white block of wires (the right-most wire connecting the covering to the laptop).

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  • Disconnect the wire with the blue tab (the left-most wire connecting the covering to the laptop). You can now remove the plastic covering.

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  • There is a wire attached to the fan by three strips black tape.

  • Remove the tape from the fan, but do not remove the tape from the wire.

  • Move the wire away from the fan (Note: there are ridges along the top of the fan to indicate where the wire should sit when you put the fan back).

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  • Locate the yellow/black/red wires and find the white plastic block where they end.

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  • Using two fingers (one on either side of the block) or two plastic opening tools (one on either side of the block), pinch the bottom of the block and lift up to remove the block.

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  • Go to the heat sink (large metal object connected to the fan) and unscrew the four screws with a Phillips #0 screwdriver (You do not need to remove the screws completely from the heat sink).

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  • Locate the processor.

  • Locate the black screw above the processor. This is the indicator that shows if the processor is locked in or not.

  • Use a flat-head screw driver to turn the screw in the indicated a full 180 degrees.

maybe circle the processor in the first picture for this step. i am not familiar with what the mother boards of computers look like and had no idea what the processor was in this image!

Katie Pepi - Reply

  • Grab the sides of the processor with your thumb and forefinger to remove the processor.

  • That's it!

Remember to apply Thermal Compound on CPU before replacing the Heat Sink

cushtydog - Reply

would that make the computer not turn on afterwards?

Sarala Wallin -

I would not prevent the computer from starting up, however it could prevent effective cooling causing damage. You should be using some kind of grounding device when touching the cpu.

Justin Hippensteel - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Is this the right part number for a cpu replacement for a dell inspiron m5030: PART # 3PDDV?

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