The wound wires of a field coil can fail, causing a drill to function poorly or not at all. Use this guide to replace a broken field in the DeWalt DWD112.


No parts required.

Remove seven TR20 Torx Security screws from the side of the drill.
  • Remove seven TR20 Torx Security screws from the side of the drill.

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Remove the top cover to reveal the inside of the drill.
  • Remove the top cover to reveal the inside of the drill.

  • Set the top cover of the drill aside.

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  • The power cord and the trigger act as a single part and must be replaced together.

  • Using one hand grab the trigger box and with the other grab the end of the wire connecting to the trigger box and disconnect the wire.

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  • Disconnect the second connected wire from the top of the trigger box.

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  • Lift the trigger box up to reveal the bottom side.

  • Disconnect the first connected wire from the bottom of the trigger box.

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  • Disconnect the last wire from the trigger box using the same method from the previous step.

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  • After all four wires are disconnected, the trigger and power cord are separated from the drill.

  • The power cord and trigger can be set aside if further disassembly is required.

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  • Take note of the keyless chuck and the meshing of the gears.

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  • Grab the metal chuck by the rotating spindle as if you are to tighten in a drill bit.

  • Lift the metal chuck out of its resting place and set aside.

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  • With your left hand, grab hold of the field, which is the large metal block with coils looped around the inside.

  • Use your other hand to take the bearing out from the end of the gear connected to the armature.

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  • Lift the field up once more with one hand and grab the cooling fan with the other hand and gently slide the armature out of the field.

  • The brushes will now be disconnected from the armature, meaning no current can flow from the power cord to the motor.

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  • Move the black wire clear from any obstruction.

  • Repeat this step for the white wire and the red wire.

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  • The field is disconnected from all other parts.

  • Grab the field and gently lift it out of the case.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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as a recommendation aimed at some or mark with a piece of ribbon cables disconnected the trigger with the contact number that corresponds to the rearm the drill going to not reverse the change control rotation.

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