If your speaker isn't working properly, especially if its not responding to your touch then there is most likely an issue with the buttons. or more specifically the circuit board connecting the buttons to the motherboard. in this case the the motherboard is custom to the device so you will need to get a replacement from a similar device.


No parts required.

  1. Power off  the SoundBank Z3.
    • Power off the SoundBank Z3.

    • Flip over the device.

    • Remove the silicon feet by peeling them up.

      • The feet can be reapplied without extra adhesive, but only if you are careful not to let the sticky side touch anything.

  2. Remove the eight 11 mm Philips screws from the bottom of the device.
    • Remove the eight 11 mm Philips screws from the bottom of the device.

    • Using a plastic opening tool, remove the bottom panel.

    • Remove the four 4.5 mm silver Phillips screws that secure the plastic panel covering the motherboard.

    • Remove the plastic panel.

    • Remove the battery from the holder. when removing the batter for the first time, it may be difficult.

      • I suggest using a thin sturdy tool, to get in between the batter and the speaker wall, this will let you wiggle the batter free from its surrounding.

      • You might find it easier to remove by hand

    • If the battery is punctured or leaking or bloated/puffy at all leave it alone, it may be hazardous to handle and instead should be properly disposed of

    • the foam is just pressure fit into the slot and can be removed by hand

    • Remove the foam around the wires. this can be done by unraveling the foam.

    • The foam can be re-wrapped, as with the feet from earlier care must be taken if you wish to reapply it.

    • These are the leads that must be removed to separate the battery from the mother board.

    • Remove these 3 silver screws holding the speaker down.

      • Be careful not to rip out the speaker while taking out the screws.

        • The same steps can be done on the other side of the speaker

    • There will be a ring used as a clamp that will clamp down the speaker to the body, you will need to remove the speaker from the motherboard before you can remove this ring.

    • These are the joints that need to be soldered. Follow this guide link to help you remove the wires from the motherboard.

    • The speaker should slip right out when removing it

      • Be careful not remove other components in the speaker

    • Remove these two 4.5 mm Phillips silver screws holding down the motherboard.

    • the motherboard should be able to be lifted right out of the housing.

      • You will have to be mindful that the battery and both speakers are connected to the motherboard and will need to be removed before replacing the motherboard.

      • use these links to do this.

    • There is a connection ribbon that connects the motherboard to the control interface. be careful with this, it can tear easily.

    • You will finds a ribbon connecting the motherboard to the control interface circuit board.

    • This is the clap that holds the ribbon in place.

    • Using a plastic pry tool or fine tip plastic tool to open the clamp.

      • Using the tool, try lifting the clamp up on either location, noted by the blue arrow.

    • The ribbon should pop out, if not you should be able to slide it out from the clamp.

    • Remove these four 4.5 mm Philips silver screws.

    • Remove these six 7 mm Philips black screws

    • Remove the top plastic cover by prying at the edges with the plastic pry tool like so.

    • Carefully remove the black cover of the circuit board

      • I would suggest using a sharp rigid plastic tool to get under the cover.

      • When working with electronics, it's important to choose a tool that's ESD-safe to avoid accidental damage to the device. The metal spudger is great when you need serious prying power, but the regular black nylon spudger or a plastic opening tool should be used whenever possible.

      • as with the feet from before the cover plate can be replaced if care is used when handling it.

    • this will expose 4 black screws.

    • Remove the center power button, simply by picking it up.

    • If you pick it up the board will come right off, so don't loose it.

    • Remove these four 7 mm black screws.

    • The circuit board should be free, and can be lifted away from the housing.

      • If you wish to remove the ribbon here, use the same method used in removing the ribbon from the mother board earlier in this guide.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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