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Remove and replace the windshield wiper transmission assembly which includes the wiper motor

    • Raise the hood.

    • Remove the negative terminal clamp from the battery. Should be 10 mm

    • Apply painters tape to the windshield under each wiper arm.

    • Use a mark to record the wiper arm position on the windshield

    • Remove Antenna, use the proper wrench to loosen the antenna from the base.

    • Pull the washer hoses off of the small studs near the wiper arm bases.

    • Open the plastic caps from the base of the washer arms, using the proper socket wrench, loosen and remove the hold down nut.

    • Remove the washer arms. They make a puller tool but you should be able to wiggle them back and forth and lift them off the stud.

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    • Remove the plastic end covers by prying them off with a wide screw driver

    • Remove 2 clips on the front of the plastic grille.

    • Remove 2 bolts from each side of the plastic grille.

    • Pull up on the grille and disconnect the wiper fluid tube near the drivers fender. there should be a section that will pull apart to allow removal.

    • remove three bolts holding the wiper transmission to the body. There should be a rubber gasket on each one - do not remove them from the assembly.

    • Remove the power plug, squeeze the plug on the bottom and pull, it should release with little effort.

    • Now you have to wiggle the transmission back and forth in the fire wall area in order to get it out

    • Using a screwdriver, pry off the linkage from the motor arm.

    • Remove three TORX (30) screws which will separate the wiper motor from the wiper transmission.

    • NOTE - if you purchase the wiper transmission assembly from a Chevy dealership, it will probably come with a new motor already attached. This means you can skip this step.

    • Reverse the steps to install the wiper transmission assembly.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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