1. Lift the lid of the Perfectea
    • Lift the lid of the Perfectea

    • Remove the two 12mm Phillips #2 screws located at the brim of the pot.

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  2. Adhesive tape is left holding the lid to the glass pot.
    • Adhesive tape is left holding the lid to the glass pot.

    • Use the spudger for this step.

    • With one hand, firmly grip the lid while designating your other hand to wedge the spudger between the lid and the glass pot.

    • Working from the outside to the inside, gently pry the adhesive tape from the glass pot, detaching the lid.

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    • Use the plastic opening tool for this step.

    • Firmly grip the glass pot with one hand while using the other to slip the flat end of the plastic opening tool between the glass pot and the adhesive tape holding the handle to the glass pot.

    • Gently pry the adhesive tape from the glass pot. Work your way around the handle until the handle is loose and not attached to the pot anymore.

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    • Once the handle is loose, locate the four 10 mm Phillips #2 screws from the base of the Perfectea and remove them.

    • Remove the base.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Locate the two 10 mm Phillips #2 screws at the bottom of the handle and remove them.

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    • In order to free the bottom of the handle, remove the plastic piece that was held by the two screws

    • While firmly holding the glass pot, gently slide the bottom of the handle up and out of the base of the pot.

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    • The bottom panel has four wires that latch on to four tabs.

      • Use the metal spudger to pry up one metal tab in the latch.

    • Apply pressure with the metal spudger to the other tab on the latch to slide off tab.

      • Repeat for the remaining three tabs.

    • The bottom panel should now be disconnected from the rest of the kettle.

    • Take note of which cable attaches to which tab so that you will remember how to reconnect the wires properly. Using masking tape to mark which wire goes to which terminal is helpful.

    • Do not push tabs too forcefully otherwise you may damage your device or impale yourself.

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    • Remove the 7mm nut using needlenose pliers or a 7mm nut driver.

    • Remove the metal washer and red washer that is under the nut.

    • Wiggle loose and remove the metal brace.

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    • Remove the metal spacer and washer from the central threaded rod.

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    • Remove the base wall.

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    • Wedge a plastic opening tool under the rubber seal on the inside of the kettle.

      • Work the plastic opening tool around to loosen the seal and push the heating dome out of its hole.

      • The heating dome is wedged in the bottom very firmly and will fly out its position suddenly if not controlled. Make sure you are holding the top side of the heating dome while pushing from the bottom so that it does not hit the side of the kettle and shatter the glass.

    • Remove the heating dome from the kettle.

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    • Peel the seal off of the heating element.

    • Draw the two temperature probe wires through the seal.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi, great guide. I learned a lot from this. one question, do you know which site/store sells heating dome for capresso water boiler?? thank you!!!

yanpingye - Reply

This guide applies almost identically to the Capresso H2O kettle, which doesn't have the control board. Thanks for the guide.

Giovanni Ciriani - Reply

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