The display of my canon s120 broke. Ordered a new display somewhere on Ebay and installed it. It's super easy!


No parts required.

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  • So that's the problem: a cracked screen. The rest still works fine.

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  • First step is finding a replacement part. Canon support isn't very good here. So I've been searching the web and found some good results on Ebay. Order one of these, all you need.

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  • You only need one small cross screw head screwdriver to open up the camera. It takes 9 screws to take out the display.

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  • The display is plugged in the camera with 3 little connectors. Carefully click the hinge open and you can pull out the connector.

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  • this is what it should look like when everything is disassembled.

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  • replace the display, plugin the connectors, and screw it back together. It should work again right after you turn it on

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks!! Very helpful

slingshotwake - Reply

Worked like a charm! Thank you! Only the smaller connector on the bottom was a bit odd because there was no locking hinge and the flat makes a 180 degrees turn. And it takes a bit of trial and error to fit the flats in the connectors. I used a thick needle to push and center them.

Thank you again.

markogts - Reply

I did OK until the "plugin the connectors" stage, which requires some more explanation. Because the connectors are flexible there's no way of pushing them in. You have to flip up the brown locks on top of the sockets to stand a chance, then carefully wriggle in the connectors. Took me an hour, and I almost gave up before I worked out that you needed to flip up each lock and then flip it down once you have a connector pushed in.

Andy Stephenson - Reply

I used a small, thin piece of rubber to slide the ribbon connectors right into the housings... easy as pie. This screen swap was pretty easy, and saved a great camera from the trash bin. I have beat the snot out of my S120 and it just keeps on going. A superb little camera.

Thanks for the instructions!

P.S. - don't forget the little black piece of protective paper that goes under the upper right edge of the screen and sticks out to cover the top connector ribbon at the point where the metal bracket holds it down. My new screen did not come with one, and I found the original after I had reassembled the camera. Had to open it back up to reinstall that.

joenc - Reply

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