This is a step by step guide that demonstrates how to replace the display for your Canon PowerShot S110.

Slide open the battery cover on the bottom of the camera.
  • Slide open the battery cover on the bottom of the camera.

  • Eject the battery by pulling the red release latch.

  • Battery must be removed to avoid shorting any part of the camera

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Use a #0 Phillips screwdriver to remove the following screws:
  • Use a #0 Phillips screwdriver to remove the following screws:

  • the 2 screws on the side of the camera near the HDMI input panel,

  • the 2 screws on the opposite side of the camera,

  • and the 2 screws on the bottom of the camera near the tripod mounting hole.

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  • Once the screws are removed, use a spudger to carefully detach the cover.

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  • Before we are able to remove the display, we must take off the mounting bracket that holds it in place.

  • Remove the single screw indicated in red.

    • Detach the bracket and set it aside.

  • In preparation for the next step, remove the screw indicated in yellow.

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  • To detach the first logic ribbon:

  • Use a small, relatively soft pointed tool to slowly pull out the ribbon using the hole shown in the image.

  • Completely remove the ribbon.

  • The display is now partially disconnected from the back side of the camera.

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  • To remove the front camera case in order to access the remaining ribbons:

  • Slowly pry around the edges using a spudger.

  • A circular ring pad will detach. Set this aside.

  • You now have access to the logic ribbons on the front of the camera.

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  • Using the spudger, flip the small tab that is holding down the logic ribbon located at the top left corner.

  • Flip the larger tab that is holding down the logic ribbon located directly to the right of the previous ribbon.

  • Detach both ribbons from the circuit board.

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  • Flip the tab and remove the last ribbon.

  • This ribbon is revealed after Step 7.

  • The display can now be lifted off the camera and the logic ribbons attached in the front can slide out.

  • Prepare your replacement display and move on to reassembly.

My camera model is S110 pc1882. What if i go buy a display told to be for pc1889? Any issues expected?

Besides i cannot find a display for pc1882 over the web yet!!:(

erkalozsoy2000 - Reply

Bummer - my replacement lcd wrong size and missing 1 cable - the 1st one in these instructions. Be careful. Tossed camera, at this price point not worth more of my time.

Andrew R Coulson - Reply



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Oh My God, it works!!! Thanks for the great instructions, very clear and easy.

Thank you!!!

robertmadsen2000 - Reply

Caution, the re-assembly is much more challenging than the dear-down. Masking tape (to temporarily hold the screen and func. set dial assembly in place while attaching the ribbon cables), tooth picks (the ends fit nicely in the ribbon cable holes) and a small plastic putty knife (for raising cable hold-downs) nay come in handy. You will find that the camera face has a ribbon cable for the control ring. When reassembling, note that there are anchor nobs over which holes in the cables go - front side of camera. Reinserting the func set cable under the control ring after attaching the screen cables is difficult (tight fit). Try inserting tooth picks to make room. My new screen cost $30 from D H Cameras on eBay.

Dennis - Reply

To reassembly your device:

Spanish, ;-)

Jaibca - Reply

The Canon S110 has two models, PC1819 and PC1882. The LED displays I see on eBay are described as PC1819 displays. My S110 is a PC1882 model. Do I need to buy one specifically for the PC1882 or will the PC1819 work? The only mention in the S110 Owners Manual about models is in the chapter on WLAN.

Lee - Reply

Hi Lee. Did you find an answer to your above question? I have the same issue and bought a display from aliexpress for pc1819 (my can is 1889). Asked to seller and he replied there is no difference. Now will need to go a repair house to see if it works.

erkalozsoy2000 - Reply

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