The grips for the 60D come off easy, they just peel off. For many 60D owners, Canon already helped you by choosing a poor / defective adhesive for the first few batches of cameras shipped.


No parts required.

Image 1/1: Repeat for the other two grips
  • Use a thin piece of plastic, spudger, or fingernail (if you have them) to lift up the edge of the grip, and pull up slowly.

  • Repeat for the other two grips

  • The large one on the battery-side is the easiest to start with. This is required to remove the front & back panels

  • The small one on the back is a bit difficult to get started, but not really difficult to remove.

  • The one on the AV panel will be easier if you open up the AV port cover.

  • Remove the adhesive like you would rubber cement, just rub your finger against it, it will come off.

  • Optionally throw the balled up adhesive at people pretending its a booger :)

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Double stick tape, or rubber cement (placed carefully) should work well. Studio-mount (sheets of double-stick tape) cut to size should also work.

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