Taking off the top of the camera allows repair access to the eye piece and command dial.


No parts required.

  1. Open up the battery door.
    • Open up the battery door.

  2. Remove the batteries from the camera by sliding them out into your palm.
    • Remove the batteries from the camera by sliding them out into your palm.

    • Release the side latch to open the back panel.

    • Remove the two black 4.5mm screws above and below the latch.

    • Using your finger, carefully pry open the side panel from the top of camera.

    • Pull panel downwards to remove.

    • Make sure to keep track of the small black piece of rubber under the latch.

    • Remove the two silver 6mm Phillips #1 screws.

    • Flip camera over to the bottom.

    • Remove the one 5mm Phillips #1 silver screw.

    • Remove the front panel by pulling away from the side with the lever.

    • Remove three black 7.3mm Phillips #1 screws located on the corners of the camera.

    • Remove five black 4.8mm Phillips #1 screws.

    • Simply remove the bottom panel by prying it off with your finger.

    • When removing the panel, be sure the bottom of the camera is facing upright. There are loose gears that may fall out.

    • Be wary of a loose piece of foam attached to the bottom panel.

    • Remove the remote control socket cover.

    • Remove two black 4.5mm Phillips #1 screws.

    • Remove two black 4.8mm Phillips #1 screws on the front of the camera.

    • Pry open the side grip using a spudger.

    • With your hands, remove the rubber grip from the eye piece.

    • Remove the eyecup from the eyepiece by pushing the eyecup up.

    • Remove two silver 5.0mm Phillips #1 screws.

    • Remove the silver 5.5mm Phillips #1 screw.

    • Pry the top silver part of the camera off.

    • Buttons may slip out of the camera's top as the top is pulled off the camera (shown in picture two).


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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