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Speaker not turning on? This guide will help you replace the battery of the Bose Soundlink Mini II.

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  • Flip the speaker over onto its back.

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  • Gently remove the rubber base from speaker by pulling around the edges.

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  • Remove the four 6mm T9 Torx bit screws from the corners of the battery.

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  • Gently remove the battery from the speaker.

I'm not able to remove the battery, it looks like it soldered to the board. An more detail on how to remove it please?

Krtek Z Krtkova - Reply

Same thing here! I just broke my speaker because of this guide.

Lars Lindholm - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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3 Contributors and none of them know how to remove the battery, brilliant... Honestly if you want to do this right, do it right from the begining. The battery is connected with a cable to the device, please explain how did you remove it properly.

Timo Bernhard - Reply

Hey Timo,

no, there are just two different battery versions of the Soundlink Mini 2: One without a cable from the battery to the PCB (as shown in this tutorial, i think this is the older version of the Soundlink Mini2) and one with a cable...

I have one here with a cable and I?m desperate to find a new battery for it but can`t find it anywhere on the net... I`m thinking of trying a battery without the cables and try to connect four cables to the battery and then solder them to the PCB...

Christoph Jeschke -

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