For this guide, an almost complete breakdown of the device will be required. This includes removal of the outer casing and the circuit-board, as well as a bit of soldering.

  1. Four round, plastic plugs are located on the back of the device.
    • Four round, plastic plugs are located on the back of the device.

    • Using a metal spudger, carefully pry up the plastic covers.

      • The covers are all glued on, so be careful not to scar the casing when prying them off. If possible, use a spudger or plastic opening tool to remove them.

    hi i just finished prying apart those round buttons. it is very important to know if you dont want to mangle the button trying to pry it loose. if your looking down at the four buttons the inside part of all the four round circles is where you put a thin small tool, that is where the opening is to eventually pull up the whole thing without having to mangle the circle. so if your looking at the four circles the opening will be in the part of circle where all rounds face each other inward i hope this helps

    art - Reply

    Note that the torx plus is a 5 star tool, and was the size 15 for me. Make sure you don't purchase the common 6 sided star tool.

    Mark - Reply

    Knowing you have to replace battery, why are the %#*@ things glued on? Just sayin’

    Toni - Reply

    Knowing battery needs to be replaced, why are these things glued??

    Toni - Reply

    Not a tool to remove! Why’re they glued in the first place?

    Toni - Reply

    I’ve ruined perfectly good tools!

    Toni - Reply

    This has become stupid! Posting comments that never appear!

    Toni - Reply

    Should be effing impossible!

    Toni - Reply

    Sorry, just now found them! Honestly, this can become impossible!

    Toni - Reply

  2. Remove the four 1.8 cm Torx Plus TR screws from the outer case.
    • Remove the four 1.8 cm Torx Plus TR screws from the outer case.

    the torque sizing bit would be the number 5 torque bit which will fit in the screw to unscrew it

    art - Reply

    My experience required a number 15 torx plus head.

    This was a 5 sided star, not a 6 sided star.

    Mark - Reply

    It's NOT torx plus. It's torx SECURITY. Torx Plus is designed for high torque situations. The bit with the hole in the middle is Torx Security.

    Dennis Lupatsky - Reply

    Ok,how much more complicated can this get?

    Toni - Reply

    • Carefully open up the casing.

      • The top button pad may need to be re-glued upon installing the new casing.

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    • Lift up the retaining flap on the button cable ZIF connector.

    • Pull the button cable straight out of the connector.

    • Remove the inner assembly.

    How to fix the botton cable? Because may botton cable is damage?

    Wilson - Reply

    Can you answer may question pls

    Wilson - Reply

    • The speakers are on the front of the inner assembly.

    • Using the Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the four 1.3 cm screws holding the speaker that will be replaced.

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    • Three screws hold the printed circuit board.

    • Using the Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the three 1.2 cm screws.

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    • Desolder each the three pins connecting the speaker to the motherboard.

    • Carefully lift the motherboard with a spudger to ensure that each pin desolders.

      • Work carefully. Prying too hard may cause damage to the board.

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    • Push the speaker through the front of the inner assembly.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks for this tear down. Never thought that it looks like this on the inside. My battery is kind off aging, bought the unit 7 months ago. Local Bose dealer said battery cost half of this speaker. I hope there is a cheaper alternative.

vintiglao22 - Reply

Como ago para traducir cada

luis beltran - Reply

Speaker looks like a 18650 lithium ion- from the pictures here.

DR Paquette - Reply

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