The SoundLink Color's battery is known to lose charge after a few months of usage. This guide will show, step by step, how to take apart the device and replace the battery.

  1. Four round, plastic plugs are located on the back of the device.
    • Four round, plastic plugs are located on the back of the device.

    • Using a metal spudger, carefully pry up the plastic covers.

      • The covers are all glued on, so be careful not to scar the casing when prying them off. If possible, use a spudger or plastic opening tool to remove them.

    hi i just finished prying apart those round buttons. it is very important to know if you dont want to mangle the button trying to pry it loose. if your looking down at the four buttons the inside part of all the four round circles is where you put a thin small tool, that is where the opening is to eventually pull up the whole thing without having to mangle the circle. so if your looking at the four circles the opening will be in the part of circle where all rounds face each other inward i hope this helps

    art - Reply

    Note that the torx plus is a 5 star tool, and was the size 15 for me. Make sure you don't purchase the common 6 sided star tool.

    Mark - Reply

    Knowing you have to replace battery, why are the %#*@ things glued on? Just sayin’

    Toni - Reply

    Knowing battery needs to be replaced, why are these things glued??

    Toni - Reply

    Not a tool to remove! Why’re they glued in the first place?

    Toni - Reply

    I’ve ruined perfectly good tools!

    Toni - Reply

    This has become stupid! Posting comments that never appear!

    Toni - Reply

    Should be effing impossible!

    Toni - Reply

    Sorry, just now found them! Honestly, this can become impossible!

    Toni - Reply

  2. Remove the four 1.8 cm Torx Plus TR screws from the outer case.
    • Remove the four 1.8 cm Torx Plus TR screws from the outer case.

    the torque sizing bit would be the number 5 torque bit which will fit in the screw to unscrew it

    art - Reply

    My experience required a number 15 torx plus head.

    This was a 5 sided star, not a 6 sided star.

    Mark - Reply

    It's NOT torx plus. It's torx SECURITY. Torx Plus is designed for high torque situations. The bit with the hole in the middle is Torx Security.

    Dennis Lupatsky - Reply

    Ok,how much more complicated can this get?

    Toni - Reply

    • Carefully open up the casing.

      • The top button pad may need to be re-glued upon installing the new casing.

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    • Carefully remove the battery using a pair of tweezers.

    • Lift the inner assembly from the outer casing.

    Where do you get replacement battery?

    Benjamin Rodriguez - Reply

    • Partially cut the battery cover on the side paying attention to do not damage the circuit or the battery. Cut the cover just enough to remove it, try to not damage it too much as it is going to be reused.

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    • Desolder the battery leads from the PCB and remove the battery.

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    • I opted for a Panasonic NCR18650B, choose the version with solder tabs, otherwise it will be a pain to solder wires on the battery and you'll probably go out from the factory dimensions. From the benchmarks it looks like a very good battery, time will tell.

    • Fit the new battery, cut the leads to the needed length, pay attention to polarity. You may need to enlarge leads holes in the plastic case with a cutter to let standard battery leads thru.

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    • Put back the sponge cover, it is necessary to avoid vibrations and to keep the thing firmly in place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Any recommendations where to pick up/order a replacement battery from?

Rob Miller - Reply

See the link in the description, it is available thru Amazon

Giacomo di ciocco -

Has anyone found where to order battery from?

amitos80 - Reply

Mine still works fine, but I'd like to know like the others here where to get a battery that will work as a replacement.

chandlerwebb - Reply

The inside screws have a post in the center and the Torx screw removal tool is flat headed. How are you able to unscrew this if the attachment is being blocked by the post?

Eric Bernstein - Reply

It is a security bolt, and requires a "Torx plus TR" tool to remove it, not just a Torx tool. You need a Torx tool with a pit in the center to allow for the raised post in the torx-shaped socket in the bolt. It's a specialty tool.

Michael Schwehr -

Also standard Torx screws are 6 pointed. This one is a 5 pointed Torx 15 security bit.

Adam Plocher -

Any more specific advice how to get the screw covers off? All the spudgers and knives and things that I own are not helping me, don't want to mar it too much.

Matt - Reply

Matt did you find an answer? I don’t know if they have different models with different adhesives or something, but I’ve broken 2 little flat heads, all the tips of my plastic spudgers, and my metal one seems way too large (and bent now after trying). I almost got one screw cover out but it’s been beat to $@$* and the back is all scratched from the screw drivers slipping.

Adam Plocher -

Bose does not sell battery for Soundlink Color. But if you call them and report that your battery is not charging they will replace the Soundlink Color speakers for free and only pay shipping. Technical people can replace the battery with UR18650 zy from the market.

Placid - Reply

how much does battery replacement costs?

Sandeep Pilli - Reply

What size of Torx Plus TR bit would I need? I don't see an 1.8 cm or 18 mm available anywhere?

Duane - Reply

Thanks For this manual

robzeijen - Reply

Duane, just found your pist, the torx are special 5 point 15, instead of normal 6,

Da Har - Reply

I just contacted Bose , and they offered me a new speaker for $50. My speaker is almost 2 years old.

jose - Reply

just wondering about sourcing other batteries, seems the only one posted was about UR18650 zy.

has anyone tried this yet? also im assuming 2 of the 4 leads is some sort of sensor, so does this need to be considered when using a generic replacement?

thefunny1 - Reply

The LGABB41865 is the direct replacement.

bara jabali - Reply

where to order a replacement battery from?

George - Reply

2. - LGABB41865 for $11.99 on Amazon Prime.

Christopher Clark - Reply

Don’t bother. When you buy the replacement battery it is a bare cylinder. No connectors. Two of the 4 wires must be somehow attached to the battery. I think the original was spot-welded - not soldered. And what to do with the other 2 wires? And good luck trying to scrape off all the black rubber they magically surrounded the original with. Bose went to great lengths to make this truly unrepairable. Starting with those ridiculous plastic plugs, to a special 5-sided screw with the center post, and a spot-welded battery! Shame on Bose.

david cogen - Reply

How do i know its just the battery thats the problem?

Pwee Locc - Reply

Don’t bother. Call Bose and they’ll offer you a reduced price on a new Bose speaker. By the time you find a tool that’ll open up the cover, another tool to open up the screws, and then purchase the specialty screws, you might as well get a new speaker for $79.

B Reynolds - Reply

Just performed this (semi)successfully. I replaced the battery with the recommended replacement from the article and it’s functioning fine but doesn’t seem like the new battery is being charged in the speaker. If when I plug the speaker into the charger the battery light doesn’t flash or respond in any way.

Is this expected behavior with using a 3rd party battery or should it still report as charging with a flashing light?

Any responses are appreciated!

Randy Catanach - Reply

Welp, seems as though I actually had a charging issue, not a battery issue. Can’t see anything physically wrong with the device so I guess it’s toast.

Randy Catanach -

Hey Randy, which of the two batteries did you use??

1) UR18650 zy

2) LGABB41865

Pankaj Rawat -

If the battery is not charging try going to the Bose website and going to the software updater page ( Plug the speaker into the computer with the micro usb cable and see if it is recognized. If it is, press the following keys in order one at a time ‘a’ ‘d’ ‘v’ “the up arrow” and “the down arrow” so a-d-v-up-down and you should get the options to either upgrade or downgrade the speaker (it will say “advanced mode” somewhere on the screen). Pick whichever one will work for the speaker, either upgrade if the software is old or downgrade if it has the latest firmware and if it installs, the speaker will magically be able to charge again. Also try this first if you have a speaker that is not charging, I have personally resurrected 4 speakers this way.

John Grosodonia -

Question: is the battery protected or not? That is the question!

omarian - Reply

Hi, I have a Bose soundlink color 2 speaker where can I found the replacement for this battery? because the electronic component is failing

FlanzZ Erased - Reply

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