Your plug is damaged on your Bosch PMF 180 E? With this guide, you can exchange it!

Absolutely disconnect the device as the first of the power (;-). Safety first!
  • Absolutely disconnect the device as the first of the power (;-). Safety first!

  • If necessary, just a little bit of external cleaning so that when opening no additional dirt into the housing interior. for example with the fine brush but it is also an old toothbrush or a bristle brush, etc.

  • Very useful: An exploded view with spare part designation at the end of the description.

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Loosen 9 screws (combination screw T20 / slot # 5)
  • Loosen 9 screws (combination screw T20 / slot # 5)

  • Tool: T20 / TR20 which u.a. included here. Or with a flat-head screwdriver # 5. I recommend a T20 / TR20 because it handles better without damaging the screws.

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  • With a flat object, the housing can now be easily opened along the seam. For example, with Jimmy, which is shown here. It also works with a flat knife or a thin Japan spatula.

    • If the unit is heavily used / dirty, simply pry slightly at several points along the seam until the case opens without force.

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  • The housing is now open and further steps can be taken.

  • If necessary can now be cleaned. (in this picture you can see that it is obviously necessary)

  • Do not remove the grease! The drive needs that. Of course, it can also be replaced by a new one.

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  • Now first loosen the two slotted screws # 3 so that the wires can be pulled out of the clamp.

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  • Pull the wires out of the holder with a gripping tool. For example, with a pair of tweezers or a small, flat pair of pliers.

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  • Now loosen the two screws (T20 / slot # 5) of the cable lock and remove the clamp.

  • The cable can now be pulled out of the grommet and replaced

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Repeat the steps in order to reassemble your device.

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