1. The start of our disassembly. The BlackBerry KEYone logo screen.
    • The start of our disassembly. The BlackBerry KEYone logo screen.

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  2. Use a sim card removal tool to remove the sim card.
    • Use a sim card removal tool to remove the sim card.

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    • Apply heat to the top of the phone to remove the microphone plastic cover. There is a fair amount of adhesive holding this cover down.

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    • Use an iSesamo or other preferred pry tool to remove the plastic cover from the BlackBerry.

    I’m going to replace one top plastic cover with my original one in mint condition (bought a replacement after i dropped it and it has a huge dent in it). After you use heat and the tool to take it off, how do you get it back on in regard to the adhesive? Thanks for any tips.

    Stanley Tam - Reply

    Could use your expertise. I’m going to replace my new plastic top cover with my original phone (the replacement i bought had a huge dent and gash in it). After I heat it and use the tool to remove the one with the dent, how do you reapply the cover? Is there still adhesive? Thank you for any tips.

    Stanley Tam - Reply

    • Remove the two Phillips screws. They may be hiding under some adhesive.

    So glad I found this tear down, I purchased a KeyOne and in the process of rebuilding. Now only need this top cover but couldn’t figure out how to remove it.

    Orlando Sanders - Reply

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • The plastic top of the phone will slide off after removing the two screws.

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    • With the top plastic cover off it is pretty easy to use your preferred plastic pry tool and remove the battery cover.

    Can you point out exactly where the NFC antenna is located. I see potentially two on the back cover. But, can't tell the area of the back one behind the black padding.

    Dominic Nocera - Reply

    • Once the back cover is off remove the 7 Phillips Screws at the bottom of the phone that are covering the loudspeaker and the part of the motheboard where the USB type-C charging port is located.

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    • Removing the loud speaker cover will allow you to remove the other two Phillips screws for the metal bracket that covers up a couple flex connectors.

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    • Disconnect the two Phillips screws connecting the battery flex connector to the motherboard. Now you can remove the battery. There is ALOT of adhesive holding the battery in place. I recommend applying heat and using a plastic tool to slowly work the battery out. The volume and power flex runs under the battery. Be cautious near the top left.

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    • With the battery out disconnect the three flex cables and remove the remaining two Phillips screws from this area of the motherboard.

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    • There are three Phillips screws holding down a black plastic bracket that was previously partially covered by the silver bracket removed earlier. Two of the screws are visible without removing the silver top bracket but the third middle screws requires the top bracket be removed first.

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    • With all screws and brackets removed and all flex cables disconnected you can now remove the motherboard. I recommend starting at the top (Rear facing camera side) and removing the board top down because the charging port sits in the frame of the phone and will come out more easily last.

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    • All done the motherboard is out. Revealing the vibrate motor and headphone jack.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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what about the screen on the front :)

Matt Howard - Reply

excellent. thanks. what about the keyboard? ;-)

joyce - Reply

Be great to have a screen replacement guide

smwduncan - Reply

Why the manufacturer always put so much adhesive on the battery??? To make it hard for people to install new ones?

johncklai - Reply

I don't think so. To prevent any form of movement.

ugbede ahiaba -

Where is the backlight ic on the board? That's the only problem with my KeyOne. Every works except the light on the screen. Under very bright light, I can manage to see and operate the phone.

ugbede ahiaba -

Do you have a source to purchase oem parts? (Those other than digitizer and keyboard)

mainely_linux - Reply

No need for a screen replacement guide on this phone. It automatically comes off during normal use.

polojh - Reply

i need keyboard Disassembly instruction

moekz - Reply

Could anyone tell me where the antennas are? and how they connect. I know something is supposed to hide behind the antenna bars on the chassi. but I dont see where it connects to these.

Hugo Danielson - Reply

It’s a bummer to see so much adhesive. Nice guide though, thanks for making it!

Kim Arre - Reply

Can you circle or show on a picture where exactly is the Wi-Fi. Is it pins or a cable or chip? How can you replace or remove the Wi-Fi parts? What is the circuit leading to WiFi? Can the phone still work if the Wi-Fi part is broken off?

Eddie Valenzuela - Reply

The top cover is not plastic, it’s metal - in step 6

Ljubomir Medakovic - Reply

Mine is plastic. Quite flexible.

ugbede ahiaba -

Help. I need a working motherboard for my KeyOne. Help please.

ugbede ahiaba - Reply

“Have you seen a man skillful at his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before common men.”

Proverbs 22:29

“Let the one who steals steal no more; rather, let him do hard work, doing good work with his hands, so that he may have something to share with someone in need.”

Ephesians 4:28

God bless my friends!

Nathan Albertson - Reply

Ok! So I'll be replacing the front assembly complete with display next week. I hope I can stand before kings when I'm done! I figure the hardest part will be getting the battery out, any last suggestions?

Michael Winiarz -

Yes. Use a hot air tool on the screen side if the phone and maybe 150° on the battery side directly (take advice at your own risk) and then use an isesamo patiently around all edges of the battery until using the pictures above you can safely remove the battery without damaging any flex cables and lift the battery out.

Nathan Albertson - Reply

Bought a screen for blackberry keyone and replaced the old broken now the backlight of the LCD won't come up. Help

John Okwerekwu - Reply

How broken was the original screen? If you retrace your steps and reconnect the original screen does the LCD work?

Either way I would closely examine the flex cables on your new screen and the connectors on the motherboard side.

If it was me I would order another screen. Maybe from a known reputable vendor if possible. Faulty parts are a thing especially on lesser known devices.

If you just want the data order another BlackBerry KEYone and swap the boards. Then you know for sure the LCD isn't the problem.

Nathan Albertson - Reply

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