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  1. Unscrew all of the 12 screws on the Nerf gun.
    • Unscrew all of the 12 screws on the Nerf gun.

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  2. Remember to remove the grey part of the reloader that is not attached to the gun.
    • Remember to remove the grey part of the reloader that is not attached to the gun.

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    • Remove top outer shell.

    • Remove orange attachment tab.

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    • Remove the screw that holds the trigger in place.

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    • Remove the reloader trigger that is triggered by the trigger. Lol I just had to say that.

    • Putting this piece back in the gun can be frustrating since it is spring loaded. Here's a tip. Put the orange trigger(the piece in the red circle) on first, than slip the spring through the opening on the piece.

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    • Remove the barrel that holds the Nerf darts.

    • Be careful on removing the barrel since it could do more harm to your already damaged barrel reloader.

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    • Remove the air piston and barrel turning part. This is the part you will be working on.

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    • Move the other parts of the Nerf gun away from the air piston and barrel rotator part.

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    • Remove screws from the piece that is holding the barrel reloading piston in place.

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    • Remove the piece holding the barrel reloading piston.

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    • If your piston looks like this in the picture, you will need to either find a screw that is less than or equal to the size of one of the screws on your weapon.

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    • Once you have found a screw, use a hot glue gun or super glue and layer it around the screw to keep it from wobbling.

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    • It is a good idea to test the barrel reloading mechanism by pulling the barrel reloading piston back and forth. If the orange circle that attaches to the dart barrel spins then that is a good sign.

    • If it is not working, try pulling the screw out and screw (or push) it back in the other way.

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    • This is what your array of parts should look like.

    • Make sure you do NOT loose the spring circled in red in the picture. If you do then your weapon will have to be a manual reloading gun.

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    • The rough white cylinder circled in red on this picture will be covered in some grease. Do NOT wash it off.

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    • Now put the piston back in place.

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    • Now grab your tweezers and place the spring back in place by attaching it on the two white poles circled in red. This is something you should do if your spring fell off.

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    • Tips:

    • If any of the springs fall off inside the weapon or the weapon's parts you can use the tweezers to grab them.

    • If your Nerf Elite Strongarm is still not working here is a link to a Reddit post posted by someone who had a similiar problem.Strongarm barrel doesn't rotate

    • Sometimes during use the barrel will need to be turned(but make sure you do not push it beyond its limits) or you can just jerk the gun to the side.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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