Whether your blinds are old or just plain falling apart, this guide will help you easily replace headrail, installation brackets and blinds.

Please note that blinds do not fit exactly to the window frame. They must be mounted in installation brackets, so leave approximately an inch of wiggle room.

Measure the window frame width.
  • Measure the window frame width.

    • This measurement will be used to buy your new replacement blinds.

  • Mark where the top center of your window frame is for future reference when installing the center support bracket.

  • Blinds are not supposed to fit noticeably tight into the window frame.

    • Leave an inch of room (half inch on each side) so it can hang properly within the installation brackets.

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Push the tabs on the installation brackets to loosen their hold on the blinds headrail.
  • Push the tabs on the installation brackets to loosen their hold on the blinds headrail.

  • Gently pull out the headrail to remove it from the installation bracket.

    • It is best to do these steps one at a time on each installation bracket.

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  • Remove the screws that keep your installation brackets in place.

  • Remove the installation brackets. If there is a center support bracket, remove that as well.

    • Keep the screws. You may need them when we install the new blinds.

  • Once the old brackets are out, it may be necessary to drill new screws into your wall if your old screws do not match up with the new bracket.

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  • Press the installation brackets up against each inner corner of the window frame.

  • Drill in the new brackets with the supplied screws.

    • While most brackets are installed in the furthest back corner of the window frame depth, some prefer them further out. You will need to measure between the brackets to make sure they are lined up properly.

  • If there is a center bracket, reinstall it to the previously marked center.

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  • Insert each end of the headrail into the installation brackets while pressing down on the tabs.

  • If the blinds are too tight and cannot fit into the brackets, you may need to downsize your blinds by an inch.

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  • Make sure the blinds lower equally without catching on anything.

    • If the blinds do catch, you may need to reinstall the brackets and blinds.

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