1. Before disassembly, unplug the device.
    • Before disassembly, unplug the device.

    • Make sure the device was not on for the last 10 minutes, because it might still be hot.

    • Unscrew the two screws on the handle with the spanner screwdriver.

  2. Pull the case in opposite directions.
    • Pull the case in opposite directions.

    • You might need a prying tool if the black components don't come out easily.

    • Unscrew the remaining two screws inside the handle with the Phillips screwdriver.

    • Push the inner components out of the handle.

    • Locate the thermal fuse.

    • Test the thermal fuse for continuity using the multimeter.

    • Make sure the multimeter is set to 200 ACV and bring the probes toward thermal fuse.

    • The circuit is closed and properly functioning if the multimeter displays varying numbers.

    • The circuit is open if the multimeter displays non-varying numbers or no numbers at all.

    • To replace the thermal fuse, use the prying tool to extract the object.

    • To remove it, wedge it back and forth until it comes free.

    • You don't need to take out the gold piece under the thermal fuse.

    • Replace the old thermal fuse by a new one.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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