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Axess SPBT1031 Buttons Replacement

What you need

  1. Axess SPBT1031 Buttons  Replacement, Red Interface Plate: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Use a metal spudger to remove the mesh speaker covers (the side with the buttons) by wedging the narrow end into the center of the outer edge of the mesh, touching the red plate.

  2. Axess SPBT1031 Buttons  Replacement: step 2, image 1 of 1
    • Remove the four 5 mm screws from the red panel under the mesh using a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

  3. Axess SPBT1031 Buttons  Replacement: step 3, image 1 of 1
    • If the screws are difficult to remove, use a pair of tweezers to twist and pick them out.

  4. Axess SPBT1031 Buttons  Replacement: step 4, image 1 of 1
    • Separate the red interface plate from the black face plate by pulling them apart.

  5. Axess SPBT1031 Buttons  Replacement, Buttons: step 5, image 1 of 1
    • Take the red plate and the motherboard and pull apart.

  6. Axess SPBT1031 Buttons  Replacement: step 6, image 1 of 1
    • Push the set of buttons inward from the outside of the red plate and peel off from the inside.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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