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Amongst the easiest of steps. Turn the laptop upside-down, with its lid on the work surface, with the battery facing you.
  • Amongst the easiest of steps. Turn the laptop upside-down, with its lid on the work surface, with the battery facing you.

  • First, push the left latch from the right to the left. You can let go, as this latch holds its position, unlike the next one.

  • Then, push the right latch to the right. This latch has a spring, so keep it held.

  • Next, with the other hand, pull the battery out and back towards you.

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Remove the two crazily-long screws from the bottom panel.
  • Remove the two crazily-long screws from the bottom panel.

  • Then, push the panel forwards, away from you.

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  • Remove the three short screws holding the HDD caddy down.

  • Pull the caddy to the right using the flap on the left of the caddy. The caddy will slide to the right.

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  • Remove the five additional short screws from under the HDD/RAM panel.

  • Then remove each crazily-long screw at each corner of the bottom of the laptop.

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  • Remove the two additional short screws from under where the battery was.

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  • Next, use a guitar pick or the like to separate the palmrest from the base. As you can see, I chose to simply use my fingernails, as I have nothing else. I'd suggest avoiding the use of a flathead screwdriver.

  • Never pull any palmrest too far up! There are always cables attached to them. Simply set the palmrest down after you've finished disengaging the clips, and read on.

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  • Pick up the palmrest and shift it to the left just a bit, then put it down, so that it looks just like the picture.

  • Stick your fingernail under the black lock on J6201 (inside of the square in the picture), and then pull upwards gently.

  • Next, pull the cable out of the connector.

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  • Lift the palmrest slowly and carefully, and look inside. Don't worry, there probably aren't any jumping spiders hiding inside.

  • Git yo' fingas in there and disengage the lock for the touchpad cable, and then pull the cable out.

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  • Pick up the palmrest again, slowly and gracefully, then move it downwards so that you see the keyboard connector, like in the picture.

  • Disengage the lock, then pull the keyboard cable out.

  • There are no more cables. You may lift the palmrest, and put it aside.

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  • Yes, you really have to remove the motherboard, I'm sorry. But we haven't gone this far just to stop! Let's take it out.

  • Remove the nine short screws circled in the picture.

  • Remove the Wi-Fi card antennas by pulling up on the connectors.

  • Remove the Wi-Fi card by pulling it away from its slot.

  • Remove the optical drive by sliding it to your right, and out.

  • Remove the power jack connection by pulling it back, away from the motherboard.

  • Remove the speaker connection the same way as the power jack connection.

  • Pull the motherboard towards you and to the right, slowly, and then we'll talk about the rest of it.

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  • Pull the video cable tape up from the motherboard.

  • Pull the video cable back, away from you, firmly, making sure that you grab the tape with it. It will come out suddenly, so don't get scared.

  • Inspect the video cable carefully to make sure you didn't damage it. Damaged video cables, when used, can damage your motherboard or screen! I learnt that the hard way on another laptop.

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  • Pull the LCD cable from the left speaker's plastic tabs holding it down.

  • Pull the Wi-Fi antenna cables from the right speaker.

  • Pry the speakers from their adhesive. Using a flathead screwdriver, work your way around the speakers. It won't look too pretty, don't worry about it.

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  • Celebrate. You're done!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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