In this guide you will learn how to remove and replace your Asus Vivobook X540SA-BPD0602V's fan. If your computer is overheating, and continues to do so after cleaning, the fan has to be replaced. If left as is other components within the device can be damaged due to heat exposure.

Power down the computer and disconnect the power cord from it.
  • Power down the computer and disconnect the power cord from it.

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Flip the laptop over so the back panel is displayed.
  • Flip the laptop over so the back panel is displayed.

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  • Using the Philips head #1 screwdriver, remove the ten screws from the back panel. Two top corner screws (12cm), two battery screws (15cm), and six case screws (10cm).

  • Note which screws go where. The two largest are on top of the battery, the next two largest go in the upper corners (close to the hinge) while the smaller ones make up the rest of the case.

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  • Flip the laptop back over and open it, revealing the screen and keyboard.

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  • Use the blue plastic opening tool from the iFixit tool kit to wedge and loosen the seal all the way around the edges. Carefully lift up the keyboard panel to remove it from the case.

  • Disconnect the two keyboard ribbon bands from the motherboard before completing the disassembly. Flip both black hinges open to remove the ribbons. Lightly tug the bands out to complete the process.

  • Do not rip or break the ribbons connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. If you do, the two components will no longer able to comunicate with one another.

  • It is recommended to break the seal of the case starting at the upper corners closest to the hinge.

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  • After removing the keyboard, remove the batteries. There are two 18650 lithium batteries right below the screen.

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  • Very carefully, remove the batteries with the same blue plastic iFixit opening tool used in the first tutorial. Focus your efforts on the combed hinge to the left of the batteries.

  • Be careful not to rip any of the black plastic or the wrap covering around the batteries. Exposed battery parts can lead to explosions. If the case is ripped, re-wrap them, or properly dispose of them. Do not use them.

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  • The fan is located near the upper left hand corner of the device, connected to the motherboard and right beneath the wireless card.

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  • There is a bundle of wires connecting the fan to the motherboard. Disconnect them.

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  • Using the J00 screw bit in the iFixit tool kit, remove the three screws securing the fan to the case. One screw connected to the bottom case (4cm), one connected to the motherboard (4cm), and one screw connected to the Wireless Card (5cm).

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  • Carefully remove the fan from the case using the blue iFixit opening tool.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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