This guide will show you how to remove and replace the trackpad. The trackpad is located inside the back panel and is fairly easy to replace if you are experiencing touch issues with the trackpad.

Turn off the computer and unplug the charge cable.
  • Turn off the computer and unplug the charge cable.

  • If the computer is on or plugged in, it could cause electric shock.

  • Turn the computer upside down.

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Remove the nine Philips #00 screws holding the back panel in place (four 5.6mm, four 7.7mm, and one 9.2mm).
  • Remove the nine Philips #00 screws holding the back panel in place (four 5.6mm, four 7.7mm, and one 9.2mm).

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to gently remove the back panel.

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  • Remove the eight 4.7mm Philips #00 screws holding the battery in place.

I would recommend removing the battery first, or at least disconnecting if from the rest of the system to prevent any unwanted electric discharge. Think of it as the equivalent of opening your PC where the first thing you do is disconnect the plug from the power supply.

You can disconnect the battery by lifting the ten wire connection running from the battery to the board. In the image above it appears just above the middle of the battery at the top (almost square in the middle of the laptop). In my system it has (from left to right) four red wires, one white wire, one yellow wire, and then four black wires. This connection can be removed by placing a finger-nail or small screwdriver underneath either side of the terminal (black plastic piece) and gently prying it upward.

Again, I highly recommend against removing any other components before ensuring that the power supply (battery) is disconnected.

Kevin “AdmiralP” Piatt - Reply

  • The battery is attached by a set of wires.

  • Use your finger to disconnect the set of wires. It should come off very easily.

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  • Now just lift the battery out of place.

I just changed new battery. How can i fix if still not charge?

Noun Samnang - Reply

  • Disconnect the small blue TP(trackpad) labeled data bus.

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  • Identify the ten 2.94mm screws on the metal bracket.

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  • Unscrew the ten 2.94mm screws with the Philips #00 Head.

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  • Remove all of the metallic tape holding the metal bracket to the components surrounding it.

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  • Lift the metal bracket away from the laptop.

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  • Unscrew the four 3.5mm screws with Phillips #00 Head.

  • This black plastic panel holds the trackpad in place.

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  • Lift the trackpad up from the laptop and slide it out of the housing.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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