This guide is fairly long, but if you follow all the instructions closely and pay attention to the sensitive parts of the machine, it should be a mostly simple process. There are some fragile pieces exposed during this process: the touch pad ribbon, the LEDs at the top of the casing under the keyboard, the WiFi antenna, and the motherboard. With some base level of care these components should be fine, they're meant to be moved around. Take it slow, it's easier than it looks!

This guide goes through the process of removing both the fan and the WiFi antenna, so if you're looking to replace either this will help. It also accesses the hard drive and SD card module, so it may help if you're looking to replace your hard drive or ensure your SD card module is working.

  1. Remove the (6.65 mm) screw next to the RAM.
    • Remove the (6.65 mm) screw next to the RAM.

    • Remove the RAM door cover.

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  2. Remove (6.65 mm) screw next to RAM
    • Remove (6.65 mm) screw next to RAM

    • Identify and disconnect touch pad ribbon cable which can be seen through a window at the bottom edge of the metal part of the top casing ( in these photos the connector shows blue)

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    • Turn computer right side up, and open it.

    • Remove 6 (5.5 mm) screws from inside covering.

    • Disconnect the touch pad ribbon cable.

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    • The palmrest plastic is fragile. Handle it carefully.

    • Two miniature LEDs will be exposed in the top edge of the bottom casing. Handle with caution to avoid damage.

    • Detach each of the 5 plastic clips. Run a plastic opening tool along the underside of the top half. You will hear the 'clicks' of the clips coming undone.

    • After the clips are loose, disconnect the palmrest flatflex and remove it.

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    • Raise black pad to detach trackpad ribbon if not done in step 4.

    • (Completing this step according to the directions in step 4 reduces the potential for damage.)

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    • Remove the hard drive ribbon by lifting the black clips upward.

    • Remove (4.6 mm) screws that hold the hard drive in place.

    • There may be only one of these screws, the one at bottom right. The upper position screw may already have been removed (The 4th red circle from the left in step 4).

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    • Gently pull the hard drive to the left by the black plastic ribbon. Slowly lift the hard drive up on the left and then out.

    • When re-inserting, use caution to ensure that the WiFi antenna cable (visible as a black loop below the disk in the 2nd photo) is not trapped under the leg of the drive encasing.

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    • Lift the black clips using the plastic opening tool to detach the ribbon that connects the SD card module.

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    • Remove the wifi antenna connection using the plastic opening tool.

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    • Remove this screw, which holds the wifi component in place, using the Phillips head screwdriver.

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    • Pull the Wi-Fi component to the right, and then slightly upward and finally out to remove the Wi-Fi antenna.

    • Move antenna cautiously to avoid damage.

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    • Detach the ribbon cable that connects the SD card module and the motherboard by lifting the black clips using the plastic opening tool.

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    • Detach the Bluetooth wire located below the fan by gently pulling it upward.

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    • Detach the black structure connected to the input cables in the top right center of the motherboard by pulling them to the right, away from the fan.

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    • Remove the three 5.5 mm screws holding the motherboard to the motherboard plastic frame.

    • Remove the four 5.5 mm screws surrounding the fan.

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    • Gently lift the motherboard and hold it so that the bottom of the board is exposed.

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    • Disconnect the cable attaching the motherboard to the fan.

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    • Remove two 5.5 mm screws holding the fan and the brass frame to the motherboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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