Follow this guide if you need to replace your netbook's hard drive. Back up any important data so that you can transfer it to the new hard drive.

  1. Lay the laptop down with the bottom facing upwards.
    • Lay the laptop down with the bottom facing upwards.

    • Locate the two battery lock slide tabs.

  2. Slide the tabs outward to unlock the battery.
    • Slide the tabs outward to unlock the battery.

    • The right tab will remain in the unlocked position while the left tab must be held.

    • While holding the left tab outward, slide the battery away from you to remove it.

    • Using the Ph00 (+) Phillips screw head, unscrew the two 4 mm screws that hold the back panel in place.

    • Use the spudger to gently pry off the back panel.

    • Use the PH00 (+) screw head and screw driver to remove the 4 mm screw holding down the hard drive cover.

    • The hard drive cover is the silver plate on top of the hard drive.

    • Slide the hard drive from the left towards the right side to detach it

    • Once the hard drive is detached, lift the black tab and remove from the netbook.

    • Do not continue with the next 3 steps if you are not attempting to replace your hard drive. Proceed to the next section instead.

    • Do not continue with this step or the next two steps if replacing the hard drive is not the goal. For all other guides, simply removing the hard drive from the PC (shown in previous steps) is the only necessary step.

    • To remove the metal hard drive casing, use a T6 (star head) screwdriver head to remove six 4mm screws marked by the red circles in the picture.

    • Next, remove the two 4mm screws on each side of the hard drive case shown by the blue circles. Use the PH00 (+) Philips head and screwdriver head used in the previous step to remove these 4 mm screws.

    • There should be 4 total screws, 2 on each side.

    • Remove the hard drive from the metal casing by lifting it up.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This guide used to have 8 steps as of 2017-06-19. I have edited out step 6 because it is unnecessary and risks damaging the hard drive. The screws on top of the hard drive should never be taken out outside of specialist situations such as data recovery. Removing the screws along the sides is all that is needed to remove the drive from the metal casing. Do not follow step 6 if there are still 8 steps displayed!

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