Flip the Chromebook over, bottom-side up.
  • Flip the Chromebook over, bottom-side up.

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Remove the screws from the 11 spots using the aluminum driver with the J00 Philips head provided in iFixit toolkit.
  • Remove the screws from the 11 spots using the aluminum driver with the J00 Philips head provided in iFixit toolkit.

  • Remove the eight 9.0mm Philips screws along the perimeter of the case.

  • Remove the three 6.0mm Philips screws from the center of the case.

  • Some versions may instead have six bigger screws (the four on the upper side of the image, close to the hinge, and two on the sides) and five smaller ones (four at the bottom of the image, where the laptop is thinner, and one in the center).

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  • Using a plastic opening tool, work around the Chromebook separating the plastic case at the seam.

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  • Open the Chromebook at hinges.

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  • Wedge the tip of a plastic opening tool between the outer casing and inner screen liner.

  • Use the tool to pry all the way around the case, including the bottom side near the hinge, until the case is completely separated.

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  • Pop the inner screen liner using your fingers, gently, until completely separated from the screen.

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  • Completely remove the inner screen liner and set aside.

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  • Use the aluminum driver and the J00 head to remove screws surrounding the screen.

  • Remove the four 2.0mm screws from the four corners

  • Remove the four 3.0mm screws from the bottom hinge.

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  • Grip the edges of the screen and gently lay down onto of the keys.

  • Bottom of the screen is still connected on the backside of the screen.

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  • Take the metal angled tweezers to detach the connector from the back of the screen.

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  • Grip the screen gently and remove it from the rest of the Chromebook.

  • Chromebook is now ready for the new screen to be attached!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Jake Van Loon

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I’m having some real trouble getting the inner screen liner back on. I can’t seem to get it to hook under the plastic around the hinge mechanism. If you have completed this repair and could offer any advice on this aspect of it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Nathan Massey - Reply

I found the answer on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWYr8CfZ...). Turns out there is a much easier method to replace the screen the doesn’t require unscrewing the bottom of the Chromebook at all. You just remove the hinge cover and screen liner, swap out the screen then replace the screen liner and hinge cover.

Nathan Massey -

I used this guide to fix the cable running to the screen. Turns out Asus had installed the cable over the hinge and not under as with the antennae.

deathdisco - Reply

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