During this guide you will need some solder skills to repair the product. If you don't have any experiences in soldering, take a look at the How to Solder and Desolder Connections guide. Make sure you have all the tools that's needed to desolder en solder. Be aware of the fumes—do this in a well ventilated room!

Unscrew the four Phillips screws on the backside of the docking system.
  • Unscrew the four Phillips screws on the backside of the docking system.

  • The screws are located quite deep. Make sure you have a long screwdriver to be able to reach the screws.

  • Be aware of the plastic threads. Using too much force can tear this up.

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Separate the housing in two parts.
  • Separate the housing in two parts.

  • The dock connector is slid in two parts on the top of the system, make sure you slide the two housing parts in this line of direction.

  • The two parts are glued on the sides of the speakers. Use some force to separate the two housing parts.

  • The internal parts are still connected to each other. Don't pull the housing parts too far from each other.

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  • Slide the dock connector out of the housing part.

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  • Unscrew the three screws using a Phillips #2 screwdriver to remove the T-shaped circuit board holder.

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  • Remove the T-shaped circuit board holder.

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  • Remove the circuit board from the housing part.

  • The circuit board is still connected to another circuit board with a cable.

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  • Disconnect the 5-pin connector between the two circuit boards.

  • The connectors are tightly connected. Hold the other circuit board to prevent it from breaking while disconnecting the 5-pin connector.

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  • Look how the cables are oriented.

  • Take a picture with your phone. It's easier to look it up than recalling your memory.

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  • Trigger the desoldering pump before heating the solder.

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  • Heat up the solder.

  • If you don't want to damage your workspace, it's probably handy to place something underneath.

  • The circuit board will be getting hot. To make it more stable you can clamp it in a vise or alligator clips.

  • The heated solder tends to fume—do not inhale this! Do this in a well ventilated room.

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  • If the solder becomes fluid, keep the desoldering pump near the solder.

  • Push the button on the desoldering pump to suck the solder.

  • Solder will solidify fast, so you need to act quickly.

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  • Strip the cables with a wire stripper.

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  • Check if the cable is in the right position.

  • Heat up the contact point on the circuitboard.

  • If the contact point is hot enough, you can add a little bit of solder.

  • Don't inhale the fumes.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instruction in reverse order from step 7

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