After the LCD is removed, it looks like the webcam and microphone are right within reach. The two wires that are connecting them to the main logic board are behind a lot of the other wires and components making it a little tricky to get to their connectors and take them out. Also, since the microphone is held in by adhesives, a prying tool is absolutely essential to replace it!

  1. Lay down the display with screen side up.
    • Lay down the display with screen side up.

    • Since the display is able to be tilted up and down, we found it useful to prop up the screen up with a styrofoam block in between the screen and the base.

    • Place the two suction cups on both sides of the top of the screen and make sure to lock them in place.

    • The glass screen to connected to the rest of the display by small magnets. Lift slowly and the screen will come right off.

  2. Unscrew the 12 screws around the side edges and the top of the LCD with the TR 10 Screwdriver.
    • Unscrew the 12 screws around the side edges and the top of the LCD with the TR 10 Screwdriver.

    • Slowly lift the LCD out from its placement and tilt it upwards.

    • It can be very helpful to have an extra set of hands to hold the LCD up while you work with the cables underneath.

    • There are four wires that connect the LCD to the rest of the components. Make sure not to pull hard and break any of the wires.

    • For the first of the four wires (furthest away from the wire that is held in by a screw), grab onto the connector and pull slowly.

    • For the next connector, which is right next to the previous wire, there is a piece of tape attached to a metal bar.

    • Flip the metal bar over using the tape as a handle.

    • Next, grab onto the connector and slowly pull it from the socket in the logic board.

    • For the connector on the other side of the logic board, grab the connector from underneath and carefully pull it from the board.

    • For the last wire connecting to the LCD, use your TR 10 Screwdriver to remove the screw.

    • The LCD has now been fully disconnected from the casing and can be repaired/replaced!

    • The webcam and microphone are located at the top of the device. First, follow the white microphone wire down to its connector in the logic board.

    • Carefully pull the white wire's connector from the logic board.

    • Follow the wire down from the webcam and find where it is connected into the logic board.

    • Carefully remove the connector from the logic board.

    • The wires are held in place by three pieces of tape. Remove the tape out of the way so that the wires are free.

    • It is very easy to remove the pieces of tape using tweezers. They aren't completely necessary though.

    • Back at the top of the device, there are two pieces of silver tape holding the webcam wires in place.

    • Again, tweezers are helpful but aren't necessary for removal of the silver tape.

    • Next, remove the tape that is holding the microphone in place.

    • The webcam is held in with two screws and a connector

    • Unscrew the two screws holding the webcam in place with the TR 10 screwdriver.

    • The webcam is now free from your display!

    • With the webcam removed, the microphone is now visible.

    • The webcam is held in place with a plastic clip that has foam adhesive stuck to the casing.

    • Use a plastic spudger to pry underneath the clip and separate the clip from the casing.

    • The actual microphone itself is stuck to the top of the casing using a small amount of adhesive and covered by a piece of tape.

    • Remove the piece of tape using either tweezers or your fingers to have access to the microphone.

    • Use the plastic spudger again to get underneath the small round microphone and pry it loose from the adhesive.

    • The wires for both the webcam and the microphone are tucked underneath a few other components.

    • Carefully pull the wires out up and out from the other components and your webcam and microphone can be replaced.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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