The power switch is what turns the AmazonBasics on or off, as well as controlling the direction the shredder gears rotate. With age and extended use, the switch may sometimes break and require replacing.

  1. Remove the shredder assembly from the paper scrap bin.
    • Remove the shredder assembly from the paper scrap bin.

  2. Remove the two 10mm PH1 screws holding the small black panel in place.
    • Remove the two 10mm PH1 screws holding the small black panel in place.

    • Remove the six 14mm PH1 screws holding the bottom cover in place.

    • Remove the cover by lifting straight upwards.

    • One of the screws will be hidden beneath a warranty sticker. Simply push the head of the screwdriver through the sticker to access the screw.

    • Remove the blade/motor assembly from the top cover by lifting straight upwards. Do not disconnect any wiring just yet.

    • The blades are sharp. Coming into contact with them may result in injury.

    • Remove the five 8mm PH2 screws from the bracket holding the gears in place.

    • Use a metal spudger to pry the bracket from the main shredder assembly.

    • If the bracket is attached too tightly for the spudger, carefully use a metal screwdriver to pry it loose.

    • Remove the two plastic drive gears from the shredder assembly by lifting straight upwards.

    • Remove the four 18mm PH2 screws holding the motor to the main shredder assembly.

    • Disconnect the motor from the motherboard by either clipping the wires, or using a soldering iron to disconnect the wires directly at the board.

    • To reattach the motor, solder the wires back together, or to the motherboard depending on how you removed them.

    • Remove the two 8mm PH1 screws holding the IR sensor wire in place. This will give you more room to work with later on.

    • Remove the two 10mm PH1 screws holding the motherboard in place.

    • Remove the motherboard by lifting straight upwards from the top cover.

    • To disconnect the power wire, remove the black and white wires on the far edges of the motherboard.

    • To reassemble, solder the wires back to the motherboard in the same location as they previously were.

    • When reassembling, be sure to replace the wires in the correct locations. Reversing the wires will short circuit the motherboard and may damage the device or injure yourself.

    • Remove the switch by unsoldering the 8 solder points on the motherboard.

    • To reinstall, solder the switch back into the same location on the motherboard.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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