Use this guide to replace the battery in your Amazon Fire Phone.

  1. If the display is damaged use clear packing tape to contain any glass shards.
    • If the display is damaged use clear packing tape to contain any glass shards.

    • Make sure the entire surface of the display is covered with tape.

    • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

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  2. Power off your phone.
    • Power off your phone.

    • Remove the SIM card from the left side of the phone by pressing the small hole and allowing it to eject using the 0.8 screwdriver head.

    • Remove the two 4mm screws on the bottom of the phone using the Torx T3 screwdriver.

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    • Press the small suction cup just above the home button.

    • While lifting up on the suction cup insert an opening pick into the crevice between the screen and back casing to pry the screen off carefully.

    • Carefully separate the two halves to avoid tearing the volume rocker ribbon cable.

    • Using the opening tool, disconnect the volume rocker ribbon cable from the base of the phone freeing the two halves of the phone.

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    • Using the J000 screwdriver head, remove the three 3mm screws holding the bracket in place.

    • Remove the silver bracket that was held into place by the three screws just removed.

    • Disconnect the battery connection cable by using the plastic opening tool and applying light pressure upwards on the cable.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Tolle Anleitung DANKE!!

Leo Henn - Reply

The replacement went exactly as presented. My stock battery had pull tabs to release the adhesive, making removal very easy. Thanks for a clear step-by-step guide.

John - Reply

How to bay amazone fire fone battry in pakistan

Manzoor Khan - Reply

where can i get fire phone battery in india

Shiva Sai - Reply

where can i get fire phone battery in UAE Abu Dhabi. It's urgent..

Asheesh Barna - Reply

IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB 4G LTE, Battery ?

Zaheer - Reply

here in UAE i want battery fo my Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB 4G LTE,

Zaheer - Reply

These instructions were extremely helpful - even essential. One additional item: it would have been reassuring to caution that the original battery is (or at least was, on my model) tightly bound by adhesive lining the whole underside of the battery. I was very nervous getting the battery out. Removing it required working a thin screwdriver underneath the long lip of the battery, and working it back and forth to stretch and cut the adhesive free. When putting the new battery in its place, I made some two-sided sticky loops from packing tape to hold the new battery in place, in case it might have a tedency to shift around and rattle slightly.

gjyaffe - Reply

thx for these instructions. my firephone 64mb was rebooting again and again with white amazon logo. thougt my data was lost forever. tried this here with akku changing and voila …

but the part with getting off the - taped - akku itself out of the case was very difficult using a screwdriver and a knife. also causing a electrical short (smoke appearing)

within the akku.

FPhoneuser - Reply

Big problem - disconnect the battery lead, and you are Not at Conclusion.

The battery is so tightly secured with adhesive, there is no way to know that there are not other fasteners holding it in place.I

The battery literally must be destroyed to remove it.

That is a major and frustrating omission.

Brian Carter - Reply

when i try to charge my cell its blink charging icon again and again but the end of the day it was not charged

Tanzeel arts - Reply

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