In this guide, we will show you how to open the device and replace the screen. Before you start, make sure your device is powered off.

  1. Heat the edges of the screen with a heat gun on the lowest setting by using sweeping motions from about 8-10 inches away.
    • Heat the edges of the screen with a heat gun on the lowest setting by using sweeping motions from about 8-10 inches away.

    • Make sure you use sweeping motions with the heat gun, instead of hovering over one area.

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  2. After 1-2 minutes, use a plastic opening tool to pry the screen loose. Start at the top right corner and gently pry the screen from the device.
    • After 1-2 minutes, use a plastic opening tool to pry the screen loose. Start at the top right corner and gently pry the screen from the device.

    • Be careful not to bend the screen by pushing it too far from the rest of the device.

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    • Slide a plastic opening tool and spudger along the underside of the screen using enough force to peel the screen and the adhesive strip from the other half of the device.

    • Be mindful of the orange cable connecting the screen to the mid-bottom of the device.

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    • To remove the screen from the device, use tweezers to gently pull the orange cable from its connection to the screen.


    I followed this tutorial, and it was very helpful. However, the screen does not react to touch. Its there some sort of hard reboot required? Or is my problem likely a screen malfunction problem?


    Keegan Fregeau - Reply

    Hi Keegan.  Did you ever get a response to your question on this?  I just replaced my screen on a kindle fire hd8 today and am having issues with the touch screen.  it turns on and apps come up but when I try to enter a passcode certain numbers won’t populate and certain areas of the screen won’t respond.  It’s very touchy in some areas and not so much in others. :(

    Cheryl Waltz -

    Mine is doing that NO response thing also. Have inspected for any tiny hsrd to see damages. Looks perfectly fine. Why it no response now?

    Kitty Morgan - Reply

    I think no one has an answer for why the touch screen doesnt feel touchy any more after a quick freedom from attachment time. Maybe that super tough sticky adhesive,once its been conquered successfully, lets the magic touch electrons escape from the screen so it doesn’t recognize the touch as completing the circuit. Any ideas on that? I’ve heard of the smoke theory before, but no smoke escaped that was visible. And the Olofonz Theory, that I learned a bunch of years ago in the USN, doesnt apply to this mystery either. Anybody out there? Please, ET geeks, I need some help so I can grow my skill levels higher to prevent the total destruction of my budget by replacing one cell phone, or tablet, right after another. Ouch!

    Kitty Morgan - Reply

    I’m confused, other videos online give the suggestion that to remove the screen is a longer process. Also the pictures don’t appear to illustrate the actual glass being removed, between step 3 & 4 the glass cover has disappeared and there’s no mention of it.

    Steve Chapman - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thankyou so much!

Judie Buder - Reply

Very nice, but even Amazon is not marketing the replacement screens.

Wendy Huntington Parker Fages - Reply

True, but if you happen to find another dysfunctional Fire ( with an intact screen) you can always harvest the display from that one and put it on your functioning unit. Long shot. But that's why this repair guide is still helpful even though parts aren't readily available.

Kelsea Weber -

Fingers crossed Amazon offers more parts in the future! :)

Kelsea Weber -

I ordered one from Amazon yesterday. Supposed to be 2 day shipping. Certainly not the $12 cheepy from China, but hopefully it will actually be shipped and delivered to my house. Any item Ive ever ordered that ended up being shipped directly from China has never found its way to my house and ends up costing about a months delay in the fixing of whatever device i have taken on the responsibility of to try & repair for someone.

Worth the $29 i’m paying at Amazon

Kitty Morgan -

There's a thought i didn't have. I Asked Alibaba if theirs would be compatable. No answer yet. What else goes wrong with them? Who would try and sell a broken one? What do you think about using an iron over a tea towel instead of a heat gun?

Wendy Huntington Parker Fages - Reply

Do you know if all the HD 8’s are the same instructions for the screen replacement mine is version 6

john evans - Reply

Is this the 7th generation fire hd tablet?

Sean Watts - Reply

You can buy replacement screens on ebay. I got mine for about $12 and it came directly from China.

Bret Essing - Reply

How did it work out?

Peter Meny -

I worked out great and was shipped directly from China with a lot of padding. The above guide put us in the right direction, however nothing in the guide mentioned having to remove the back cover first. After spending a lot of time doing a lot of the wrong things, we found another kindle guide for a different model that helped get us back on track. Once we had the back off, the rest was a piece of cake. I now have a working HD Fire 8 with a new screen!

Bret Essing -

I've found replacement digitizers on eBay but I can't find a break down of how it is bonded to the LCD. Will I need Loca glue and a UV light? 6th generation HD 8

arosadler - Reply

Same here. Did you found a solution?

kidkaraoke -

On Monday we are going to be doing a PR53DC Model its the For Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 HD8 6TH- PR53DC were gonna see if we can do it without breaking the LCD. We will let you know if it needs loca or OCA were hoping its not fused just glued along the edges so we can just slice the adhesive free.

Adrienne S - Reply

Amazon is selling the screens for the fire hd8

pate7111 - Reply

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