This guide shows how to replace the power and speaker driver board in the Amazon Echo. This board is responsible for delivering power to the various components of the Echo and also delivers the appropriate signals to the woofer and tweeter. This guide may prove helpful if your Echo has issues turning on, sounds distorted, or won't make any sound.

Power off and unplug your Echo before disassembly. Failure to do so could result in injury or damage to the device.
  • Power off and unplug your Echo before disassembly. Failure to do so could result in injury or damage to the device.

  • Peel off the rubber footing from the bottom of the Echo.

    • Do not pull the rubber footing too hard, as it could stretch out of shape. Use a spudger to help remove the foot if you have any trouble.

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Remove the four 42.8 mm T10 Torx screws from the bottom of the Echo.
  • Remove the four 42.8 mm T10 Torx screws from the bottom of the Echo.

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  • Slowly lift the plate containing the board. Be careful not to disconnect any of the wires.

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  • Using tweezers, carefully disconnect the two red and black cables from their sockets on the board.

    • Tugging on the wires may damage the device. Pull from the plastic connectors instead.

Könnt ihr Ersatzteil machen für Amazon Echo

Okka Mehmed - Reply

Wo kann ich Ersatzteile holen für Amazon Echo

Okka Mehmed - Reply

  • Lift the brown plastic latch on the ZIF connector securing the driver board ribbon cable.

  • Pull the ribbon cable from its connector. The plate and board should now be free from the Echo.

Were do you get the board?

nick poverman - Reply

  • Using the spudger, pull back the two plastic clips on the plate.

  • Lift the board up and pull it away from the plate.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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It's great that you have provided these instructions. I need to do this with mine. Do you know where I can get a replacement board?

Taylor Wolf - Reply

Taylor, did you ever find a new board? I need one too.

Mark Hall -

Great instructions BUT ...... THERE IS NO PLACE TO BUY THE BOARD!! (It's proprietary to Amazon) So this instruction is about as useful as jumping out of a plane before asking for a parachute.

blueskymining -

same here...

D Nation - Reply

Where do I get a replacement board ?

Sean Burch - Reply

Where do you get the board

Glen Seay - Reply

ya that's a thing need to fix it... where is it?

Matt Hurlburt - Reply

Did anyone ever find a board?

Jim Eggleton - Reply

I guess we were all left hanging with the board successfully de-attached.... Any news on were to find the new board?

Alejandro Castaño - Reply

I also need a new board. I'm beginning to doubt that you can get these, unless you can cannibalize them from another Echo.

ericdthomson - Reply

Duh. Where'd you get that clue .... like the 18 other comments that there ARE NO BOARDS available?

They need to change the name of this site from Fixit to

blueskymining -

I also need to buy a new board but nobody knows where.... :-(

Sadilmar Goularte - Reply

USELESS DISASSEMBLY instructions because the Author either is clueless, or knew all along YOU CAN'T BUY THESE BOARDS ANYWHERE!!

blueskymining - Reply

I spilled coffee in the cup holder that the Echo was sitting. This knocked out its ability to speek. If you all can't find a replacment sound board you might try this. Everything seems to be working but she can't talk. I took my blue tooth speeker and pared to my mute Echo and it worked. It now has its voice back. I still would like to know if you can buy a replacement board. if anyone has information on getting one, post it please.

fin4080 - Reply

Successfully fixed my Echo using this guide. Here is some of my insight that I gained during this fix:

1. Bought a broken Echo on Ebay for spare parts.

2. Don't break the ZIF connector, it's fragile. It flips up towards the ribbon cable.

3. I found that my Echo was not broken at all, (until I messed with it). I thought the power jack was broken in a fall because I couldn't plug the power cord back in. The power cord that came with my Ebay Echo inserted fine. I later broke the power jack while troubleshooting, everything in there is BRITTLE. Check to see if your plug is your problem too!

4. Everything in there is very brittle, use gentle hands.

imbranato - Reply

One last thing, I couldn't find the threads for the long screws during reassembly. I did some further disassembly on my Ebay Echo to find why and here is what I found: The long screws thread into the tweeter which is located just below the power board. If you look at the "Tweater Assembly" teardown, step 9, you can see these four holes NOT circled in red. In my case, my echo was disassembled for a few weeks and the housing had shifted slightly making it difficult to find the holes. The fabric surrounding the speaker made it more difficult to line up holes too. I used a scribe to ensure that they were inline and then the screws went back together nicely. Good luck!

imbranato - Reply

Has anyone found a board replacement?  I think our output board has a component which overheats and fails i.e. Alexa can’t talk but lighted ring rotates as though she is.  Not sure how to find the component which is problematic.

Michael Bethell - Reply

Anyone find a replacement board?

Michael Bethell - Reply

If you all can't buy a board, why don't you go buy another Echo?

Arlene Knuth - Reply

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