One of the causes for a blank or pix-elated screen could because it is cracked. In this guide, we will show you how to replace your screen.

Put the laptop on  a hard surface.
  • Put the laptop on a hard surface.

  • Make sure that the Alienware is not plugged into any power source.

  • First, we need to unplug the battery.

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To unplug the battery, turn the computer upside down.
  • To unplug the battery, turn the computer upside down.

  • Remove the two 4mm screws from the plastic covering protecting the inner part of the laptop.

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  • Gently, pull the cover up and slide it off.

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  • Now, you are going to look for a yellow tag.

  • Unplug the black wire that has the yellow tag.

  • This with successfully disconnect your battery.

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  • Using the plastic opening tool, gently remove the black plastic casing from the LCD screen.

  • Run the opening tool along the inner side of the computer where the screen and the plastic covering meet.

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  • No you will unscrew the 2mm screws on the top and bottom side of the screen.

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  • Tilt the screen forward towards the keyboard.

  • Disconnect the plug that is connecting the screen to the main body.

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  • Gently, lift the display away from the laptop.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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