Removing the camera is a moderately difficult task that should only be done if you have a familiarity working with the internal components of electronics. If your phone's camera isn't working or if it gets damaged, then replacing the camera might be a cheaper option than replacing the phone.

  1. Shut down the device
    • Shut down the device

    • Flip the phone so that the screen is facing the surface you are working on

    • Aggressive prying may result in damaging the back panel or the internal contents of the phone.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry off the back panel. There is a small notch in the bottom left corner of the phone that you can use for increased leverage.

  2. Use your thumbnail to lift the battery from the phone.
    • Use your thumbnail to lift the battery from the phone.

    • Using the J000 Phillips screwdriver, remove the twelve silver 3mm screws.

    • Using the J000 Phillips screwdriver, remove the one green 3mm screw.

    • With the screen facing you and the front facing camera to your right, insert the plastic opening tool between the screen and the interior back panel and gently pry it off.

    • Make sure all of the clips come undone when you pry the seam loose.

    • Use tweezers to gently lift the tab free from the motherboard.

    • Gently lift the camera away from the motherboard.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


Hi I just noticed last night that the lense cover for my camera has fallen off any ideas on how to replace it?

Phoeras Mortisangelina - Reply

Do we put a new camera or that old one

Sareen Lata - Reply

Urgently needed

Sareen Lata - Reply

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