This guide will show you how to replace a broken keyboard.

Press and slide battery-lock button to remove the battery.
  • Press and slide battery-lock button to remove the battery.

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Remove 17x Philips screws
  • Remove 17x Philips screws

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  • Remove the plastic cover

  • Remove 2x Philips screws

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  • Start opening the top starting at the side of the screen

  • Use plastic tools to avoid damaging the cover.

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  • Disconnect 3x flex cables

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  • Remove 6x Philips screws

  • The 2 Philips screws at the top are different from the other 4 (thicker)

  • Remove 3x small (silver) Philips screws

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  • Remove the metal plate by sliding it up and then flipping it over

  • Be careful to not damage the flex cable attached to the metal plate.

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  • Disconnect 2x aluminium grounding

  • Lift the keyboard out

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Dear author,

I've done the replacement the exact same way, though I did it without your guide. Yet, my keyboard does not work properly after replacement i.e. WASD keys not working, UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT not working. What could be the problem? Kindly contact me via

Yukozashi Reiji - Reply

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