Need to access the internals of your ASUS VG248? Here's a guide that shows how to remove the frame and open the display.

  1. Before you begin, lay the monitor face down on a smooth, clean surface.
    • Before you begin, lay the monitor face down on a smooth, clean surface.

    • Four rubbery covers hide four screws in the rear of the monitor.

    • Pry out the plastic covers with a stiff pointed tool, like a metal spudger.

  2. Remove the four 13.4 mm Philips #1 screws securing the monitor stand.
    • Remove the four 13.4 mm Philips #1 screws securing the monitor stand.

    • Remove the stand from the display.

    • The display bezel is held to the rear case by plastic clips that can be released by pulling straight up on the bezel.

    • Rather than use any prying tools that could damage the LCD, it's best to just pull with your fingers. A thin cloth will both protect your fingertips and prevent you from smudging the LCD.

    • Lay the cloth over one of the long edges of the display.

    • Grip the side of the bezel through the cloth and lift straight up. A few clips in the center will pop free.

    • Be careful to pull straight up, and not pry against the display. Pushing down on the display could damage it.

    • Repeat the procedure around the display, lifting up the center of the next side.

    • Move around to the other long side and lift up on the center of the bezel.

    • Grip the center of the final side and lift the bezel away from the rear case.

    • Now that you've freed the centers of the four sides, it's time to move on to the corners.

    • Each corner is secured by two large clips that can't be freed by just pulling straight up like you did with the sides.

    • In the next step, you'll be pushing in on the corner clip on the left of the bottom edge of the bezel.

    • Using a thin stiff prying device, like a Jimmy, press in against the bottom clip in the lower left corner (beneath the HDMI logo).

    • While pressing the clip in, pull up on the lower edge of the bezel. The entire corner should pop free.

    • Once you've freed one corner, you should be able to gently twist the bezel off, freeing all of the remaining corners.

    • If any corners are particularly stubborn, repeat the previous step on the difficult corner.

    • Remove the bezel.

    • Lift the LCD out of the rear case.

    • The row of adjustment buttons will come out of the case with the display, attached by a thin ribbon cable. Take care not to damage the cable.

    • With the casing removed, you now have access to the button board, cables, and the housing over the motherboard components.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do you know of any place that sell the replacement lcd screen?

treymcbrd - Reply

Hi there, I have a little thunderbug trapped in the LCD is it possible to take the metal casing at the front of to reomve said bug? Thanks

TJ Grainger - Reply

You could yes, but be very careful NOT to introduce dust into the panel!

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