If your laptop can no longer read CDs/DVDs, the optical drive may need to be replaced. Use this guide to remove and replace the optical drive.


No parts required.

Turn off the laptop.
  • Turn off the laptop.

  • Disconnect the charging cable from the laptop.

  • Failure to unplug the cable could result in electric shock.

  • Flip the laptop over so that it is upside down.

  • The slightly raised area is the battery.

  • Orient the laptop so that the battery is away from you.

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In the top right corner, push the tab to the right to the unlocked position.
  • In the top right corner, push the tab to the right to the unlocked position.

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  • Find the tab in the top left corner. With one finger, pull the tab to the left to the unlocked position.

  • While holding this tab in the unlocked position, gently pull the battery away from you.

Maybe add a reminder to lock the battery back in that was unlocked in Step 2.

Kevin Low - Reply

  • Locate and remove the 8mm PH0 screw near the middle of the laptop.

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  • Use a metal opening tool to remove the L-shaped, plastic cover.

  • To avoid breaking the plastic, alternate the sides where you pry.

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  • On the left side of the section, there is a metal tab. Using a metal opening tool, push the tab as far as possible to the left.

  • Only push on the metal tab so you do not damage the surrounding plastic.

  • Once the optical drive is sticking out of the left side of the laptop, slide it smoothly out of its slot.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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