The bike light in this guide is sold under various brand names, but in fact is a no-name brand and comes with no distinct markings on the packaging. Some uses for this guide are replacing broken LEDs and customizing the LED colors. This specific guide customizes the LED colors, but the process for replacing them is identical.

  1. Obtain the necessary tools
    • Obtain the necessary tools

  2. Insert coin or any flat object into edge of light cover
    • Insert coin or any flat object into edge of light cover

    • Pry open until cover loosens

    • Remove the single Phillips #00 screw holding the circuit board in place

    • Remove both AAA batteries

    • Remove both Phillips #00 screws holding the clip in place

    • Remove the clip with a flat object

      • The button will fall out when removing the clip. Do not lose it!

    • Congratulations! You completed your device teardown!

    • Warm up the soldering iron

    • Tin the tip of the soldering iron

      • Apply a small amount of solder to the tip

      • Wipe on a damp sponge

    • Touch the tip of the soldering iron to the led solder to liquify it

    • Apply solder wick to absorb solder

      • This guide uses a desoldering pump instead of desoldering wick. The wick would work better.

    • Once you remove enough solder, remove the LED

    • Place the new LED through the open holes

      • The LED should cover the schematic symbol on the circuit board and the flat edge of the LED should line up with the tip of the diode symbol shown by the arrow

      • If the LED does not stay, you can tape it in place on the opposite side of the board

    • Warm up the trace on the circuit board and the LED lead with the soldering iron

      • Wipe your soldering iron on the damp sponge every time you pick it up

    • Apply solder to the lead until the hole completely fills with solder

    • Reassemble by following the teardown in reverse order

    • You now have a customized bike light or a working LED!

    • We replaced the middle LED with blue and the two outside LEDs with white. We set the bike light on the last mode. Enjoy!

    • Certain colors of LEDs may be illegal as rear bike lights. Use at your own risk or for a different application!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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