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  • you will find the fuse box righ under the panel at the left side (not for uk models). Its is a black covered square box, so you will need to take it with some appropriate tool.

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  • after taking the box cover you will be abble to change the fuse. in my case it was the number 38 ( in the fielder model the position can change). for more details see the users manual for fuse diagrams.

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Will this work for Toyota Rukus as we have on our website too?

James Wools - Reply

1. This doesn't actually show anything about where it is or how you got to it.

2. The only "black box" in any of your photos is the dead pedal, which is definitely not where the fuses are.

How is this page the top result for toyota corolla fuse box in Google?

Dinksmack - Reply

Guys, the 2004 Corolla Japan made, the internal fuse panel does not locate behind the coins tray.

you must lay down on the floor of the car on driver side (hard due to less room), look up under the dash board you will find very samll black plastic cover (1 inch wide and 4 inches long), you may need a flash light, open this cover by press the letch which is located only your left hand side by laying down on the ground.

This is a verse thing ever I saw in Toyota, this fuse pannel is very hard to work, even the fuse diagram/location mentioned behind the cover is wrong as well. I just need to replace the power window fuse which was mentioned on the cover location at a wrong place, I found the menual was help full to find the location for the correct fuse only.

Hope it will help full and sorry for the typo if any.

Shahbaz -

I finally found a forum that helped me fixed my ac not blowing hot air issue. I thought at first my compressor went out, the relay was burned from under the hood and I replaced that with no success, I even used the horn relay with no success. I tested the wiring and looked at every freakin thing. I too did not find the interior fuse box behind the coin box. It was there but way the f**k under the dashboard as the previous comment mentioned. I finally found the #24 fuse 10 Amp was burned up. I replaced it and that wonderful cold air came out once again. I almost took this car to a mechanic and I knew it would cost a pretty penny. Hope this helps the next fellow.

crgarcia68 - Reply

Also, check that you haven't accidentally pressed the "Child Window Lock" button on the driver's side accidentally. As this will also prevent the other windows from operating. :)

brd561 - Reply

How do you get to the Instrument Panel J/B? I need to replace my circuit opening relay.

chelsear12 - Reply

Stupid answer that doesn't answer the question because it doesn't show where the fuse box is at

Hal Hannon - Reply

Shahbaz nailed it. I replaced the fuse for radio, clock, cig just 5 minutes ago. There were extra fuses in fuse box next to battery. But to find other fuse box just lay on floor where pedals are and look up. Find small long black cover and pop it off. The black cover conveniently labels what each fuse is for. Mine was labeled 'Cig'.

Tom DePew - Reply

Where is the fuse box/fuse that control the rear indicator lights

Frank Johnson - Reply

Where do I find the fuse box/fuse that control the rear indicator light on my 2003 Toyota Corolla S car?

Frank Johnson - Reply

Found it, thanks! It is way far up under the steering wheel, so I had to lay on my back with my feet out the door and wiggle up under the steering wheel to locate it! I found the correct fuse after some testing and now my power windows work again.

Danielle Collins - Reply

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