Here is a straight forward bulb replacement. Only requires the simplest of tools and is a quick fix.


Here is a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a burned out driver side headlight bulb.
  • Here is a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a burned out driver side headlight bulb.

  • Open the hood. On top of the affected headlight assembly is a single 7mm hex bolt.

  • Remove the bolt

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Remove the bolt. It is approximately 6 inches long.
  • Remove the bolt. It is approximately 6 inches long.

  • Grab the headlight assembly on the fender side,

  • as well as the grill side.

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  • Then pull the assembly straight out

  • The light bulbs will now be accessible.

  • Remove the bulb by twisting it in a counter clockwise direction, then pulling it out of the headlight assembly.

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  • Use a flathead screwdriver (or similar tool) to lift the socket clip of the tab on the bulb and remove the bulb.

  • Change the bulb and the result will be fully functional headlights.

What if the hex bolts won't come out? I think someone got to them before me and stripped them.

Michael Goodwin - Reply


To reassemble your headlight, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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guide made this an ABC REPLACEMENT

jamesparker1948 - Reply

Easy peasy. Thanks!

panther2360 - Reply

On my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, there was an extra screw that needed to be removed. I didn't notice it and, in trying to remove the headlight housing, broke the plastic housing that was held in place by that screw.

Steven Adams - Reply

You didn't notice it? I wouldn't have you working on my car if you're that careless.

FixIt -

@fixitorlistit there is no reason to be like that! You do not know who your audience is and there is nothing wrong with breaking things while trying to fix things. I suppose you never had a mishap fixing things and never broken anything.

oldturkey03 - Reply

What kind ( name) is the bulb socket 2002 model is it h7 h4 or hb4/9006 I want to put zener gas bulb thanks Boetie

Boetie Engelbrecht - Reply

There is a beam adjustment scree that was holding me up from removing the headlamp. It can be accessed through the hole at the top of the assembly behind a 7 mm bolt.

Greg - Reply

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