Whether you have an uncomfortable bench seat or your seats are just worn and torn, replacing the seats in your Ford Super Duty with new take outs or lightly used seats from a newer model truck is a great way to update your truck and make it more comfortable. 1999 - 2010 Seats are directly compatible. Today we are going to replace the seat in a 2005 model with a 40/20/40 seat from a 2013 Super Duty. With very light modification any seat up to 2014 will fit any truck back to 1999 with light modification.

Before shot of bench seat in a 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty.  Removal of the seat requires an 18mm socket.  Preferably a deep wall socket and a T60 Torx Bit w/ratchet or impact wrench.
  • Before shot of bench seat in a 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty. Removal of the seat requires an 18mm socket. Preferably a deep wall socket and a T60 Torx Bit w/ratchet or impact wrench.

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Adjust the seat as far back as you can.  Using an 18mm deep wall socket, remove the bolts on the front that attachs the seat to the floor.  On my bench seat there were only two bolts.  If you have a 60/40 seat or bucket seats there will be more.
  • Adjust the seat as far back as you can. Using an 18mm deep wall socket, remove the bolts on the front that attachs the seat to the floor. On my bench seat there were only two bolts. If you have a 60/40 seat or bucket seats there will be more.

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  • Adjust seat to it's most forward position. Look for a stud with a plastic protection cap. Remove the cap with a screwdriver. Using an 18mm wrench or socket (if space allows) remove the bolt from the stud. On my bench seat there were only two studs/bolts. Other style seats will have more. Lift seat off studs and position seat forward of studs.

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  • Using the T60 Torx bit, remove the bolts attaching the seat belt receivers to the floor and remove the seat belt receivers.

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  • Unplug the seat belt receiver from the vehicle seat belt buzzer plug. it will be just under the back side of the seat.

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  • You may now remove the old seat from the truck. if you have a bench seat like in this guide, you will need someone to help.

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  • Next, if your truck was only using the outter body holes you will need to locate the two close to the transmission tunnel. You can press your finger in the center and locate the opening. Take a razor knife and gently cut an X over the hole. Gently remove each of the triangle shaped tabs exposing the additional hole. Repeat on opposite side.

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  • Next place your jump seat in the middle on top of the transmission tunnel. The rear holes will line up with two of the existing holes where the seat belts were attached. Place two bolts in the holes but don't tighten completely. Lift the bottom seat up exposing the two bolt holes in the bottom of the jump seat.

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  • Now mark and drill two holes in the transmission tunnel. Carefully check what is below the tunnel to make sure you don't damage wiring or other system that may be run along the path. This is best done with one person drilling and one person watching underneath. These are the only holes you must drill for 2011 to 2014 seats to fit.

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  • Notice the jump seat is a little lower than the buckets. Place your buckets in temporarily and use washers or other spacers between the floor and jump seat frame to adjust the jump seat to the same level as the buckets.

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  • Place your bucket seats in the truck. You should be able to line up all 4 holes in the seat frame with a hole in the truck body. You may use the same bolts you removed from the old seat to bolt the new seats down. Replace the plastic bolt covers on the new bucket seats.

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  • In my case the seat belt buzzer on the new seat didn't match the vehicle plug. Simply remove the seat belt receiver from the side of the seat with a T60 Torq bit and re-attach your old seat belt receiver to the floor bolt. Using the old seat belt receiver gives you the proper connector and allows the buzzer to work properly.

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  • Be sure to tighten all bolts properly. Your safety depends on it. You now have modern much more comfortable seats in your truck. Enjoy. Before and After pics below.

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Replacing uncomfortable or worn out seat really improves your truck!

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Thanks for the amazing writeup! We are linking to here from our website on an upcoming blog. Once again, thanks for your business. Glad we could assist in your project.

-Keith B

OEM Seats


oemcarandtruckseats - Reply

Thanks Keith. Your staff was very helpful and the seats look awesome! I would recommend your company to anyone! Keep up the good work.

JNoles - Reply

I see that your truck is the extended cab, will this work a single cab? I have the same year truck as a work truck but the bench seat is really uncomfortable on long trips. I would love that jump seat specially since it also works as a center console.

Lou Ramhart - Reply

From my understanding the front seat is the same regardless if it is a single cab, extended cab, or 4 door. If you will contact the good folks at I believe they can definitely answer your question. I can tell you this, if you change your bench seat out for the buckets with the jump seat it will be a 150% improvement in comfort.

JNoles -

I know this was posted two years ago early 2015. Do you know if a 2016 seat will fit?

Steve - Reply

Steve, I think the body style changed in 2016 so I am not 100% sure if it will or not. The only thing I can suggest is asking the folks at No I am not receiving any commission from them and I am not part of their organization. They were just really helpful to me when i was replacing the seat in my truck. I believe they could at least tell you if the seat changed from 2014/2015 to 2016. If there were no changes to the bolt pattern then it will still fit (maybe with slight modification). Give them a call. I am sure they will answer your questions even if you don't buy a seat from them.

JNoles -

FYI - I just put a 2017 jump seat in a 2003 F250. It went pretty smoothly. Some differences:

* I used a size 55 start bit. The true size is most likely something called a 55 "plus" torx bit. Just take it easy with the 55.

* The passenger seat sat up on the rear console bolt and part of the leg. I used a different bolt and turned it around bolted the thing to the floor instead of using a nut fasten the seat. Then, I had to grind off a little of the leg on the console. Now the passenger seat sits on the head of the bolt and is a quarter of an inch from the floor. I used some washers as spacers for both rear bolts on the passenger seat to level it up.

The two new bolts in the front of the console were the hardest part, but once I had the materials, that part only took a couple of hours. There was some heat shielding on the underside you have to cut through and work around. I also removed a skid plat underneath to make things easier on myself.

Andy - Reply

Replacing 07 lariat seats with 08 KR seats.. will they just plug right in?

Bill stinchcomb - Reply

Bill, I am not 100% sure going from an 07' to 08' if it will be different or not. I went from an 05' to a 13' and I know that one was different but that was two body style changes in between. I know the body style changed in 08'. Just compare the connector and see if they match before you begin. If they don't I was able to swap the seat belt from my old seats to the new seat. That allowed the plugs to match up. It was a pretty easy swap. The seat belt was attached to one of the bolts holding the seat to the floor. Hope this helps!

JNoles - Reply

what make and model with match my 2006 F 550? i need to change out the seats but don’t know what all matches up

Ethan - Reply

Ethan, I swear I don’t work for these guys but they were so helpful to me in the process I just feel the need to suggest giving them a try. My guess is that the cab for the F550 is the same as my 2005 F350 but I am not 100% sure about that. What I would do is call the folks at or visit their website and see if anyone has posted about the F550. If you feel like the F550 has the same cab as the F350 then pretty much any seat up to at least 2014 would fit with slight modification. Good luck with your seat swap.

JNoles -

Great write-up! I realize this is an old article, but what’s not necessarily clear to me is whether you can use F150 seats or if you can only use Superduty (F250-550) seats. I have a 2003 Excursion…??

The Man - Reply

I am not entirely certain but I do know the cab is different in an F-150. I think you could probably make the F-150 seats fit but I believe there would be more modification. The great thing about the F-250 and F-350 is their seats are interchangeable for quite a few years with little to no modification. I haven’t tried this so I certainly don’t know for certain but I don’t believe the F-150 seats will just bolt in the super duty cab.

JNoles -

can not find replacement seat.  need to buy a new one,  local ford dealer told me they do not have them any more, HELP

toc482000 - Reply

can not find a replacement seat on line,  local ford dealer said they don’t make them any more, help? 2005 F250 Supper Duty

toc482000 - Reply


Try these guys. That’s where I purchased mine. Remember you don’t have to limit yourself to a 2005. Pretty much any seat from a 1999 up to 2014 (at least) will fit your truck. Those guys will help you find one if you give them a call.

JNoles -

I had a 2001 F-350 extended cab long bed that I swapped the seats out of awhile ago for king ranch. I know have a 1999 F-350 extended cab short bed which I am trying to put the 2001 seats in but they will not go any reason or idea why?

David - Reply

David, are you trying to swap the Front Seat or Rear Seat?

JNoles -

Will a 2000 f250 super cab rear bench seat fit a 2001 f350 super crew cab ?

Eric - Reply

I don't believe the super cab and crew cab rear seats are interchangable.

JNoles -

Thank u!!!!!

Eric - Reply

Is this something that could be fitted to a 1998 F250 standard 2-door light duty PU?

esteedel - Reply

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