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iHome+Radio is available too. The link is not here because I cannot get it. This is because it isn't in the US market.

Power supply ¶ 

Any 10V power supply with a barrel plug should work if you lose the iHome power supply or it fails. It needs to be 1.4A and 10V. No more or no less. You may ruin the dock if you go over 10V. If you somehow ruin it it's not on anyone but yourself.

Another note is no HP supplies. HP likes to do - inside + outside adapters, and these will kill the dock. It needs to be a - outside + inside adapter. iHome sells one, but it's overpriced. You can easily use a good aftermarket, which is probably better then the iHome dock adapter.

The amps do not matter. You can go as high as you need to fit a budget. It just needs to be 1.4A minimum. It should also read 10.XX on your multimeter. If it does not read this, don't use it.

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