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The Sony BDP-BX350 Blu-Ray Player was brought to the forefront by Sony in April 2015. With this device, users have the luxury of upscaling regular DVDs to almost HD quality, playing blu-ray discs, and select Playstation games while also being able to explore many extra features than previous models released. The device provides the opportunity to enjoy over 300 streaming entertainment services including Netflix, PlayStation Now, Pandora, Youtube, and many more, which can be done solely with an internet connection via WiFi or ethernet cable usage. Once purchased, it is known to be a simple and straightforward set up as the device does not really have many components to worry much about besides the HDMI cord & port, power cord & button, eject button, disc tray, power adaptor, and built-in wifi card. Along with a few others, a common technical challenge users face with the device is when the eject key is broken or disabled, but with the right guidance this along with other issues could be resolved. To ensure accurate identification of the device, the model number BDP-BX350 is printed on the upper mid-right area of the back panel of the device, directly to the left of the certification sticker which is placed furthest to the right on the same panel.

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