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Troubleshooting ¶ 

If you are experiencing difficulties with the Samsung Chromebook XE500C21-A03US, refer to the troubleshooting page.

Background & Identification ¶ 

The lightweight Samsung Chromebook XE500C21-A03US was released in June 2011. The Chromebook has instant internet access and a battery life of 6 to 7 hours. The Chromebook is equipped with one USB port, a round webcam, a touchpad, and has 2GB system memory and 16 GB storage capacity. Furthermore, the display screen is 1280x800 resolution and the screen size is 12.1 inches. It is easy to travel with and can be converted into tablet function.

The physical appearance of the Chromebook is completely black while the other versions are silver or have a white cover. The Chromebook has a thin upper portion (contains the screen) and a thicker bottom portion (contains the keyboard). There is no space between the arrow keys with the keyboard. In the other versions, there is a distinction between the arrow keys and the keyboard.

Some of the low quality aspects of the Chromebook are the short battery life, the insufficient internet connection, the absence of a DVD and CD player, and poor speaker performance.

Additional Information ¶ 

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