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Troubleshooting ¶ 

Having problems with your Rocketfish RF-WHTIB-A Wireless Rear Speaker Kit? Refer to the Rocketfish RF-WHTIB-A Troubleshooting Page

Background and Identification ¶ 

The Rocketfish RF-WHTIB-A Wireless Rear Speaker Kit is a 2013 copyrighted device created by Rocketfish, a trademark of Best Buy Enterprises, Inc.

The Wireless Rear Speaker Kit consists of a sender and receiver, each with corresponding parts:

  • Black Power Adapter for the Receiver
  • Black Power Cord for the Sender
  • LED power indicator on sender and receiver
  • Two 2 foot speaker cords

The system utilizes a compact, 2.4 GHz wireless communication technology offering a low-cost, low power consumption alternative to internal wiring. The 2.4 GHz technology allows for the audio data to be transmitted digitally between the sender and receiver, producing optimal audio quality. The wireless connection between sender and receiver is via internal audio module chips. The system supports speakers 4 to 16 Ohm.

The sender and receiver and both matte black, plastic, rectangular devices. The receiver is the larger rectangular device: 15.4 by 17.5 by 4.3 cm (length x width x height). The sender is the smaller rectangular device: 7.5 cm by 12 cm by 3.5 cm (length x width x height).

Specifications ¶ 

Wireless Sender

  • Audio Input:
    • speaker-level
    • stereo
    • maximum: 11 V RMS into 120 ohms
  • Wireless Audio Output:
    • stereo
    • 16-bit
    • 48 KHz uncompressed
  • Power Supply/Voltage:
    • 5 V
  • Transmission Delay:
    • 15-20 ms

Wireless Receiver

  • Wireless Audio Input:
    • stereo
    • 16-bit
    • 48 KHz uncompressed
    • 87 db signal-to-noise ratio
  • Audio Output:
    • class D, high efficiency
    • speaker-level
    • 4 to 16 ohm speakers
    • 2 x 30 W (RMS) into 4 ohms (cannot exceed 10% THD)
  • Power Supply:
    • AC 100-240 V (50/60 Hz)


  • Maximum Distance between Sender and Receiver:
    • 100 feet
  • Speaker Sensitivity:
    • 87 dB

Additional Information ¶ 

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