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The Razor E300 is one of the most popular electric kick scooters in the world. The unit is strong, supporting way over its recommended weight limit, and easily repaired or modified. Marketed to kids, the E300 has gained popularity with adults for commuting to work, or from that far away parking to the office.

One of the most popular modifications to the e300 is a variable throttle control system, and a headlight kit for night use. Batteries and Tires are the most commonly replaced parts.

Some parts are different as the E300 has evolved over the years. To be sure you get the correct part, if you see a Version number after the part name then this is a part for specific version(s), if there is no Version number then it fits all E300's.

Luckily, its very easy to find out what version of razor you have.

Look for this sticker (or similar) on your unit:

Your version number is the number between the dashes, in this case it's "09".

It is EXTREMELY important you check the version of your Razor, and make sure you are ordering the version of part you need. Version information is in the title of each part and the description of each part. If you do not do this you may order the wrong part! For example, the E300 has over 41 different versions with 4 different rear wheels used on them.

If you used a parts finder, you already know your version. If not, model versions can be determined based on the product ID code on your Razor product.

Find the barcode sticker that looks like the image to the right. It is typically located on the bottom of the scooter, the steering tube, the battery charger, or on the original box it came in.

The numbers between the dashes in your product ID code (The 7th and 8th numbers) are the version number of your Razor product. For example, "01" = Version 1, "09" = Version 9, "33" = Version 33, etc.

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