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These are some common tools used to work on this device. You might not need every tool for every procedure.

Variations between receivers ¶ 

Note: There may be more variations then what is listed here.

As noted in the device page summary, there are notable variations on some receivers. These typically do not matter and are negligible in most cases, but may require special attention performing repairs. The differences between receivers typically include these variations:

  • Port cover over front inputs (found on later models with brushed metal faceplates)
  • Color (VSX-918V-K for Black and VSX-918V-S for silver models)
  • Appearance (Some models use glossy plastic, while others use a brushed metal faceplate)

Background and Identification ¶ 

The Pioneer VSX-918V was released in 2005 as a budget stereo receiver, but has since been discontinued. While it is not a high end receiver, it is very good what it does.

While this receiver is very capable, the use of an older HDCP standard is likely to cause problems if you are installing this receiver in a modern home theater setup. While this is a limiting factor, it does not matter for the Component, iPod Direct and Composite inputs.

Replacing lost OEM remotes ¶ 

While most 3rd party universal remotes should work with this receiver, many common universal remotes do not work correctly when the AM Radio function is used. These remotes have a tendency to change the receiver to FM Radio and do not function when used with the AM Radio. If you are looking for a cheap replacement remote control, the best option is to buy one of the cloned original remotes sold on eBay and other online stores.

If you wish to use a universal remote, the Logitech Harmony 650 does not have the issue of changing the radio from AM to FM when the remote is being used to control the receiver.

Incompatible universal remotes ¶ 

  • GE/Jasco 24922 (Channel button switches unit to FM Radio when the AM Radio function is used. Controls FM Radio correctly.)

HDCP problems ¶ 

Since this receiver is too old to support HDCP 2.x and does not have a 4K passthrough, it's use in a modern home theater is limited.

HDCP handshake problems ¶ 

One problem users are likely to run into is HDCP handshake errors.

Depending on the equipment in your device chain, this receiver may be the link that causes handshake errors.

Why is this a problem? ¶ 

This is a problem because of how the HDCP standard is designed. The HDCP standard is not designed to be backwards compatible.

If you upgrade your TV and try and play HDCP protected content, it will not work because an older TV that does not use the same HDCP standard will not handshake. While this will not cause a problem with unprotected content, you will eventually run into such problems with protected content.

Additional information ¶ 

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