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These are some common tools used to work on this device. You might not need every tool for every procedure.

Background and Identification ¶ 

The ThinkPad X130e was designed to be a low cost system for the education market as the primary focus. While the general public can buy these machines for private use, these machines are much lower spec then a standard series ThinkPad. These machines are built this way because they are intended for the education market, where the primary use is Internet tasks with the occasional program loaded onto the system where having a high end processor like a Core i5 is not a hard requirement. This means Lenovo can (and will) build the machines with lesser components to reduce the price.

The Lenovo Education series is considered "education tough" instead of "business tough". This means they may withstand more abuse, since schools keep their systems for longer periods of time then businesses keep hardware.

Memory ¶ 

Being an education grade machine, these machines are also cost cut here. These machines can come with anything from 2GB on the extreme budget end, to 4GB if the school spent some extra money on extra memory. You should expect a memory upgrade will be in line if you buy one, as the chances of the stock memory being too low for general use is very good.

These machines have dual memory slots, so these can easily take 8GB of RAM or more, depending on the processor on the system board.

Hard drive ¶ 

These machines use a 7mm hard drive, and do not accept 9.5mm hard drives. You will need to use a drive that is specifically listed as a 7mm drive or install an SSD.

Video cards ¶ 

The video card will depend on the processor installed. Models with a Intel processor will use Intel HD Graphics, while AMD models use AMD Radeon D series graphics.

Lenovo does not offer a dGPU on this machine.

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