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iFixit Apps

Mobile repair manuals for the digital age

iFixit Mobile Apps

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Top features

  • Download guides for offline browsing
  • Bookmark useful repairs
  • Streamlined interface designed for mobile
  • Native, intuitive step-by-step view
  • Easily browse or search for your device
  • Pinch to zoom in on the tiniest details

Praise from the press

Demonstrates the old-fashioned virtue of repair and extending the lifespan of devices.
The robots of the future will see this and murder us all. Thanks iFixit. Thanks a lot.
Empowers you to fix things yourself. From troubleshooting to parts and tools, to repair guides, they have your back.
Illustrated repair guides that take you step by step through the process.
—Dallas Morning News

These apps are open source! You can improve or fork them here: