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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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The DS won't turn on. Green light flashes for a second.


Again I have a question about a DS Lite. This time it has the problem that it won't turn on. The green powerlight flashes for a second or two though. When I remove the Wi-Fi module, and then turn it on, the green light stays green, but it still won't power on.

I think it might be the upper LCD screen, since I replaced that. I read in someone elses question that the cable wasn't plugged in all the way. How far should it go in?

I have big fingers, so I can't really put it in farther since I can't get grip on it...

Do you think the LCD is the problem indeed (makes sense ofcourse), or something else? I tried the fuses F1 and F2, both seem to be fine.

Thank you.


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This is unfortunate, have you checked both the top along with the bottom "shells" of the DS? If you do need a new ribbon cable for the top to bottom displace, then there are some people on ebay with them. I can get a link if you cant find one.

by Thorhian

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This usually means that a ribbon cable is disconnected. I would open up the top part of the clam shell, and Check all the ribbon cable. Use some tweezers if needed since you have big fingers. BUT! Be careful, those ribbon cables are delicate, along with the fastener clips (the black clamp where you fasten down the cable). If the cables in the top shell are properly fastened and they aren't damaged, then you might have to check the cables going from the sister board (Top shell) to the main motherboard (bottom shell). Check for damage, and check to see if its properly fastened into the both the motherboard and sister-board. Hopefully you have a Tr-wing bit (or screwdriver) to get into the bottom part of the DS.

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It's hard to tell if they're fastened properly or are damaged.. Looks fine to me. I disconnected al the ribbon cables and connected them again.

The green light stays the same, but the upper screen gives a white flash too...

by Johan Hendriks

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Removing the wifi card resulted in a positive response. Yes, the logic board will turn on. Fuses will only impact on charging the battery. I assume the L2/L4 inductors are fine because the system actually turns on.

The logic board powers and see that the wifi is installed. The next step is to power on the top and bottom lcds. If there is a disruption of power to any of the lcds, then it would cause the system to power on and immediately power off.

The issue has to do with the lcd ribbon cable (or connection). The ribbon cable can only in as much as it allows. When inserting, push in as far as it goes until the flared ends on each side of the flex cable touches the edges of the connector on the logic board. Make sure that you then lock the connector.

Over 80% of these issues are related to the top lcd. The top lcd has to be twisted around the hinge of the unit. This, over time, (assuming that the hinge is not broken and top half is loose) may cause a slight tear. Buy a replacement lcd and try connecting it to the logic board with the lower lcd. Turn it on and see if it works.

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Hey, 3 years later I'm answering to get some clue about this issue. I have the exact same problem, and I didn't get to repare it. I also disconect the Wifi module and the green led light stays... in the end, all the same sympthoms.

Have you finally repaired it? I'll keep researching for some clues.

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