MacBook Pro 14" 2021 logicboard won't turn on

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I received a MacBook Pro 14" 2021, which apparently had water damage in the past (sticky keyboard). I took out the board and visually inspected it - I found no signs of corrosion or water damage. After connecting the board to the rest of the laptop, the laptop shows no signs of life (trackpad is not clicking). After connecting the USB The-C port to the charger, it starts at 5V 1A, then the Amps slowly climb to 2.7, then on approx. 2.7A the USB-C disconnects (the meter goes off), then it starts again and it starts over. Can you think of any diagnostic steps that could be taken? I have a hot air system and multimeter, but I'm not that familiar with schematics. I've already managed to replace the chips, but it's giving me trouble to diagnose the faulty location, so any tips would be appreciated.


I found problematic region on the board - there were already one component replaced. Audio amplifier chips looked burned - I also found on the internet, that someone had similar water damage and removing audio amplifiers and caps around it worked (, so I did the same thing. However, it didn't work in my case. Would the MacBook be able to start without those 3 amplifiers and caps that I removed?

I also made photo before and after:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Thank you for any answers

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