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How to use a wireless router.

Somebody told me that if I buy a wireless router, that I can hook it up to my cable internet router and then I will be able to have both my cable internet plus a wireless connection with no extra charge. Is this true and if it is, what do I buy and how do I do it? If I do, can I still use my computer as it is with the cable without having to unplug the wireless router every time I want to use my computer with the cable network?

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The router is simply helpful for accessing internet so better security is essential to prevent from hacking and other unauthorized users. The people can make stronger router settings page with help of private ip address. However users sometimes face lot of issues when accessing login page with ip address.

• The incorrect TCP/IP configuration of system is also restrict router admin settings

• The modem settings collide with router device settings then it never allows to access router settings

• The availability of proxy setup is also blocks the router settings

• The more network cards also conflict the TCP/IP settings and it can be reason for router settings problems

• The ip address typing mistakes also easily restrict accessing

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Yes, you can hook a wireless router up to your cable router/modem. Yes that will enable you to have cable internet both wired and wireless, at the same time, at no extra charge - after buying the wireless router. No, you will not need to unhook/unplug anything after things are setup for different computers to access your cable network.

You need to buy a wireless router. You hook the network cable from the router/modem provided by the cable company to the "in" port on the wireless router. You hook your network wire from your computer to one of the "outs" on the wireless router. Now your computer can access the internet and so can those with a wireless card.

You may want someone a little computer savvy set it up for you, so your network will have security over the wireless network - to keep your neighbors from using "your internet" and keep the information on your computer safe.

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Do you know what type of inexpensive router that works well that I could use?


What country are you in?


From my experience, you want to avoid the routers that have the internal antenna. You want one where you can see the antenna. I also suggest you get one that incorporates wireless n. That is not a necessity, it just is a nice feature and plans for the future. I'd stick with a name brand, from a company that specializes in routers: Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, TP-Link, etc.. The brands I have mentioned are not the only good brands and not every router they put out are good - great. One easy way to pick a reliable router is by reading unbiased, nonprofessional reviews. Click here for one place I go to to read reviews from people who have purchased the product.


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Some of the Routers that you can buy

1. D-Link DI-524

2. AirLink AR325W

3. Netgear MR814

4. US Robotics USR8054

5. Dell TrueMobile 2300

6. Microsoft MN-700 Base Station

Check this out,

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I like D-Link routers, esp the DIR-655. However, a couple weeks ago I installed a TP-Link router and love it -- a lot cheaper too. All I had to do is plug it into the modem and then go to the TP-Links setup page to turn on my wireless (and enable encryption).


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That is an interesting question and it can definitely be done. I actually was able to do this free of charge since I have comcast cable. They send you the wireless router to your house for free and then they help you install on the phone.

It is very easy and it is a great way to have both WIFI connection and direct connection. If you don't have comcast try giving your company a call and see if they can help you out. They should be able to do something.

Best of luck!

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Putting your web site in your answer is spam. You can, however, put it in your profile. Continual spam will result in your answers being removed.


Thanks for the heads up I will not do so from now on!


what is the ip address for the admin page ?


for the Airport extreme a1354


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Now that you have a router, you need to get it connected and online. If your service provider gave you a modem when they activated your Internet service, this should be pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

Turn off your modem,

Unplug the modem's Ethernet cable from the PC,

Connect that cable to the WAN or Internet port on your new router,

Power on your modem (wait for a minute or two),

Next power on your router (wait for a minute or two),

Now use another Ethernet cable to connect the PC to your router's LAN port, and

Turn on your PC.

By default, most consumer routers are set up to use DHCP to automatically assign an IP address to your computer. So if everything worked right, you should now be online.

If you are using an ISP-supplied router instead of a modem, things are a bit more complicated. First, you reconfigure the ISP's router to operate in bridge mode before you connect it to your new router. Bridge mode means the old router doesn't do anything to the network traffic and just passes it along to your new router for processing. While you can do this on your own, some providers will do it for you remotely once you make the request.

Once the ISP supplied router is in bridge mode, just follow the above steps to get your new router online.

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